Where I’ve been: Day trips and outings from Geneva

When visiting my Dad in Geneva we did some outings on the weekends so I got to see a bit of the nearby France and Switzerland. So if you’ve visited Geneva’s city center and took a stroll along the lake and are now looking for something else to do, here are options for your trip. To give you a feeling of what you can do I tried to sort the different options by season: Continue reading


Where I’ve been: Ferry to Malborough Sounds, New Zealand, 2007

Here is part two of the New Zealand Special: After the days in Wellington we crossed over to the South Island. We took the Interislander Cook Strait Ferry from Wellington to Picton. It was not so cheap but hey it is also a 92km voyage that takes 3 hours.

On the ship South New ZealandWe were told that this would be one of the most beautiful ferry rides in the world. So when we boarded the ship early in the morning we were very exciting. It was literally freezing but we stopped for a photo session on deck. Continue reading

Biking the world – a comparison of Germany, The Netherlands and Cambodia

Before I go to Vienna in 4 four days (and I’m absolutely excited to go) I wanted to share a post on biking as this is something I do everyday. I like biking – in a way of travelling from A to B, not in a sporty kind of way. I’ve been riding a bike here in Germany for about 24 years now (I think I learned to ride a bike at around the age of five). Other than in Germany I’ve been on a bike only in Cambodia and the Netherlands so far and everywhere it was different. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Great Ocean Road, Australia, 2007

On the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, AustraliaNumber six of the 10-Days-Special on Australia is concerned with the Great Ocean Road. As Melbourne I have been there twice in 2007, once with the sports club and once with my Dad. I send you today’s post from my sofa as I’m at home with a nasty cold but you could say thinking about great landscape makes me feel better immediately. I tried to keep it short this time but there are just too many good pictures I wanted to show you. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Barcelona & Food

I’ve lived in Barcelona and I loved it. But it’s been years (nearly ten to be precise) and yes I went there on holidays in 2006 and 2009 but it’s about time to go again. So what is so great about Barcelona? One thing is: Barcelona has great food, that is, mostly, if you are willing to spend the money. Therefor here my Barcelona highlights concerning Food, as a guide for myself to check them out again soon:

  • There are many famous restaurants so have a look around and just try to book a table during the day, if you find something nice. Just note that dinner time is around 10 pm. If for 10 pm all table are reserved ask if you can have one around 8 to 9 pm.
  • Tapas are not the speciality of Catalunya, but you still get great ones here. I prefer the basquestyle tapas were you stand at the bar and just eat them as you like and later you only pay the little wooden sticks of the ones you had: a bit sushi style. A good tapas bar is next to the church Santa María del Pí, but unfortunately I can’t remember the name.
  • A “Chocolate” is something beautiful: hot, sticky chocolate, more like a dessert than a drink and some sweet pastry do the trick, but a coffee at the beach is nice too. Or maybe you might want to grab a sandwich from Pans & Company and the like. They are nothing like Subway sandwiches: crusty and crunchy baguettes e.g. with a slice of tortilla.

Inspirational material: Where to get ideas where to go to.

Somedays ago I got an eCard from my parents with a late birthday present. They gave me a subscription to the Lonely Planet Magazine. Now I’m really looking forward to receiving the first issue mid April to tell you more about the magazine and if it’s the inspiration for travel thatI expect it to be. But the magazine subscription made me also think about inspirational material in general. Continue reading