Inspirational material: Where to get ideas where to go to.

Somedays ago I got an eCard from my parents with a late birthday present. They gave me a subscription to the Lonely Planet Magazine. Now I’m really looking forward to receiving the first issue mid April to tell you more about the magazine and if it’s the inspiration for travel thatI expect it to be. But the magazine subscription made me also think about inspirational material in general.

I love reading good guidebooks (which for me means that they have good and valuable information about what to see, how to stay in budget and other advise and not just showing pictures), even if I’m not planning a trip just yet. Lonely planet guidebooks are my favourites even though their insider tips or not so secret anymore now that everyone is reading them (by the way many books are on sale in their shop at the moment). But using the Loose guidebook for Thailand and Cambodia was good help too (but as far as I see it, they only exist in German).

When it comes to pictures I prefer magazines. There are several good magazines in Germany for travelling. I always enjoy reading GEO SAISON even though all tips in there are only for the rich ones. But their pictures and the layout are just so beautiful. I still remember that one article that I read back in 1992/93 about a trip on the Transib. It was so good that this trip is something I want to do ever since.Then there is Food & Travel, a magazine that combines two very nice things in life which I gave my parents for christmas and am looking forward to reading when Igo to see my parents for Easter. This is a magazine that also exist in English. And I think in Australia ist was Delicious, I was reading but unfortunately my baggage was already so heavy back than, that I couldn’t take any magazine back home.

Also good for pictures but maybe a bit more promotional than a magazine is material from tourism offices. Being from the advertising business and till last year working in the field of tourism, I like this branch of material. I gathered quite a few brochures, when visiting the Tourism fair ITB in Berlin last year and I’d like to do some stuff like that one day too. For example Tourism Thailand has very nice promotional brochures about their regions and I still think Tourism Australias “Where the bloody hell are you?” is one of the best videos for a country.

Well and then there is of course the good old advise. A friend has come home from his or her travels. Maybe they have also already posted about their trip. Now they are showing you pictures, telling you stories and then there is this “you definitively should go there too.” That is maybe the most valuable inspiration of all.

What do you use for some travel inspiration?

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