Where I’ve been: Sintra, Portugal, 2011

Today I’m going to take the easy way: I’m not going to tell you, where I went, I just send you to a nice site (and app) that gives you lot’s of travelling advise: Tourist Eye. And why is that? Because they have a feature about a place that I have been too: Sintra, a fairy tale region near Lisbon.

Unfortunately we didn’t see all of those things, just the Palácio Nacional da Penaand it’s park, which was due to our surfing scedule that only allowed for trips during the afternoon and we stayed one hour drive away. Should I go back there I would definitively love to see the Morish Castle. It looked very exciting (at least for archeology fans like me) and more of the buildings in town. They all look so fancy, just like as if Portugal’s royal family had been already building themselves a Disneyland when Disney wasn’t yet born.


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