Happy 2nd Blog birthday

It’s been two years today that I opened up this blog. and again this year the blog evolved. I didn’t do much travelling so the knitting took over and then I couldn’t stop and had to throw in a bit of nailpolish too. Then I designed a replicate of the cowl Katniss is wearing in the second Hunger Games movie. When I did this in summer and blogged about it, nobody seemed to care much but after the movie came out people started showing up making the visitor numbers soar and I was super surprised about this. happy-second-blog-birthdayNow overall in 2013 I have:

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In favour of knitting

I wouldn’t have stumbled about this topic if not for this blog post here. And no, it is not about the interview and photo shoot of Julia Gilliard, nor about the political situation in Australia that I just have too few information about to say anything about. It is the fact that a female prime minister knitting (if for PR reasons or not) sparked such a commotion . Actually I laughed really hard reading this here even though these criticisms being real is quite sad too. Continue reading

Liebster Award

Yesterday I discovered that there was something called “Liebster Award”. By the way many people seem to turn that into into “Leibster Award”, which is wrong. “Liebster” is a German word meaning “dearest”. Well anyway today I wake up and see that Maureen from Neoteric wool has nominated me for a Liebster Award. That’s another thing: doesn’t it have to be “awarded me a Liebster Awards”? I’m not a native speaker but wouldn’t “nominate” imply that at some point in time someone would choose a winner that the award would be given too? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining or anything, on the contrary, I’m very excited. But now let’s get started.liebsterblogaward Continue reading

30 over night

I turn 30 today. Actually I don’t mind turning 30 and if I’ll stick to The Nanny: a woman always turns 29 and Me at the age of 6 months29 and 29…) but it makes me think. And some weeks ago I watched  “13 going on 30” and really felt like time flew and I started remembering.What was I like back as a child. How was life as a teenager? What were the ups and downs of being a student? How does working fulltime work out for me? Continue reading

New Years Eve: Happy 1th birthday Travelling the world and much more!

Happy blog birthdayOne year ago today I opened up this blog. I only wanted family and friends to know where we were abouts in Thailand and Cambodia when we went on our big trip a week later. But the blog evolved. I came up with the “Where I’ve been section” and did a bit more of travelling.  After a lazy summer I renamed the blog from “Travelling the world” to “Travelling the world… and much more”.  and included posts about furniture, sewing but especially knitting – joining Ginny’s Yarn along for 11 weeks so far. And I also started a ten days series on Australia, making September the month with the most visits. Continue reading