Yarn along – Week 08 – Lots of finished objects

I managed to finish quite a few objects this week and wanted to show them to you in my weekly post for Ginny’s yarn along where we all share what we are knitting an reading this week:

I refer to the models from left to right as B, C and A

The pieces, that last week still lay on the couch waiting to be assemble to be sports bags, have turned out nicely. I was actually so proud of my own “design” that I had to write down the pattern for you. You can find it here. They look a bit too girly in my opinion but from what I heard Michael’s nieces (age, 5, 3 and 1,5 years old) seem to love them. I will check that this weekend because I’m going to London on friday, Michael already is there this whole week, to spend the weekend with Michael’s family.

I also finished my Strawberry Sorbet Hermione’s Everyday Socks and because I was out Continue reading


Yarn along – Week 07 – A bit of a mess

Now that I confined myself to my sofa for some “i’m sick but need to do some home office”, wrapped in my blanket and sipping tea  I thought I could also do the weekly Yarn along post now, joining Ginny at Small Things where all the other people share their link too.. Last week, as I showed you, was Carnival and by the way I added a picture with me actually wearing my costume. But with all the partying I couldn’t be bothered to post anything else. But I did knit though.

Yarn along week 7 Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 06 – It’s Carnival

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along again but with a dress. The reason why this week is less about knitting and more about sewing is easy: tomorrow starts the party part of Carnival in Düsseldorf and I gave myself a 30th birthday present: being a princess for Carnival for the very first time in my life.

Me in my costume Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 05 – Not much knitting

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along with just a short update today.

Yarn along 5 Even though (or maybe because) I’m up to date with my hexipuffs and the carpe, the slippers from last week are done and I’m happy ripping away Michael’s cardigan, my cardigan is not coming along much. But this is also because I was sewing a lot in the last week because next week is Carnival. I usually make my costume myself but this year I have spend an extra amount of money and time in it because it will be my birthday present for myself. I’m going to show you just a peak of it now and the full costume when it is ready next Wednesday. And I already finished “Engelsblut” that I was reading last week. I started with the forth book of teh A song of ice and fire series “A feast for rows” but I didn’t get far yet. after two nights I’m still only at page 12…

Sewing 2012 away… so far

This year has been my sewing year so far. Apart from mending torn clothes, this year I sewed quite a lot especially after I went to the Holländischer Stoffmarkt, the Dutch Clothmarket, in Dortmund with Simone in May. Here I got several different Cloths. And nearly all of them are now already turned into some clothing or the like. The first thing I made this year was my carnival costume. But I really started after the Stoffmarkt with a long darkgrey linen skirt that is super comfy and yet looks quite elegant. Continue reading

My contribution to a sewing contest – a coral coloured tunic dress

On friday I finished my contribution to the HandmadeKultur sewing contest. To take part you had to do a tunic dress after a pattern that was in August’s issue of the magazine.

I used some coral coloured jersey that I had bought in May and had not yet used. Unfortunately I had a little too less cloth so I had to adapt the pattern a bit to fit it on the cloth (which meant that it got a little bit tighter but as it is quite loose anyway it was not a problem). For the details I used a printed silk that matched the colour of the jersey. I liked the pattern but except from the fact that that would have been far to expensive it would have been overwhelming anyway. Continue reading