Sewing 2012 away… so far

This year has been my sewing year so far. Apart from mending torn clothes, this year I sewed quite a lot especially after I went to the Holländischer Stoffmarkt, the Dutch Clothmarket, in Dortmund with Simone in May. Here I got several different Cloths. And nearly all of them are now already turned into some clothing or the like. The first thing I made this year was my carnival costume. But I really started after the Stoffmarkt with a long darkgrey linen skirt that is super comfy and yet looks quite elegant.

Than I took a quite small piece of cloth that I found for a small price and turned in into summer shift dress. And when Simone gave birth to her baby boy Leopold I tried how easy it was to make a Swaddle me (on sale on Dawanda soon). Then I decided to turn another small piece of cloth into a short skirt (on sale at Dawanda) and made a black on for me (not on the pictures) as my old black kirt was falling apart and a black skirt is definitively a must-have.

And I made some easy bags for my knitting gear  as well as patchwork cushion covers from leftovers and I turned one of Michael’s old, torn Cashmir pullovers into the most soft and beautiful cushion cover. you can see them in the first picture. And now I made a tunic style dress from salmon/coral coloured jersey I still had and a small piece of printed silk (I could only afford a small piece as it was quite expensive). It is my contribution for a sewing contest where you can win a most beautiful Singer sewing machine. I would appreciate it, if you could vote for me. Voting is open until the 27th of September 2012 so please give me your heart or Facebook like.

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