To the North of Mallorca

Yesterday we did our second trip. When it was nap time for the kids we took our rental car and went North. Our destination was Artá but we didn’t want to go there fast so we went along a street close to the coast. Unfortunately there is no road on the coast going along the waterside so you are about 5km inland and have where ever there is a town or beach a street goes down there.wpid-IMAG2501.jpg

First we stopped at Porto Christo at the dragon cave. But as they wanted 14€ per person and there were bus loads of people queuing we quickly decided against going in. It is probably nice there if you are into touristy stuff with lots of people around that is. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Ephesus, Turkey, 2009

On our “just girls holiday” in 2009, Tine, Eva and me went to a resort in Turkey near Izmir. While the stay itself was not too exciting (but very relaxing) one of our day trips was: Ephesus TurkeyWe went to the old Greek, later Roman town of Ephesus, Efes in Turkish.

It was actually quite expensive to go on a organised trip. Therefor we asked for a bus there and there was a minibus stopping straight in front of the hotel so we took the bus to get to Efes. This was very cheap and it turned out to be very easy too. The Bus driver was really nice and even though he hardly spoke any english at all he got were we wanted to go, showed us the way to Ephesus and bus stop back so we managed to catch a bus back as well. Continue reading

Day 6: Valley of kings, Luxor

Hatchepsut temple, Luxor, EgyptThe last day on board started early. As every morning we had a wake up call 15 minutes before breakfast began, than one hour for breakfast and then the trip. Today’s wake up call was at 5.45 a.m….

We started with the collosi of Memnon which were not that colossal at all and had many people trying to sell touristy rubbish in a very aggressive way. Continue reading

Day 5 on the Nile: Esna and Luxor

Luxor temple, EgyptToday started with a surprise: it was raining – not cold but raining. So the trip to the first temple of the day was short but as we walked through a little basar with no good roof we emerged covered with dirty drops. The temple itself wasn’t that exciting either. It had well preserved colourful walls but it was small and loads of birds were nesting and therefor shitting there. If you think about what to skip on a tour like this, I would suggest the Chum temple in Edna. Continue reading

Day 3+4 on the Nile: Aswan

Unfinished obelisk, Aswan, EgyptOn Sunday we started early because we had a tight scedule: we rushed through an Aswan Quarry where an unfinished (because broken while being cut) obelisk is still lying.

Then we went on a quick boat ride to an island where a temple of Isis has been replaced to because its previous island was set underwater after the first Aswan dam was built.
And then we went to the new High Dam of Aswan. Honestly this was not really worth a visit. We got of, looked at the Nasser lake and the dam and left again.
For Monday you could book an extra trip to Abu Simbel. Surely there is another really exciting temple but another 4 hours ride by bus per way for about 90€ and getting up at 2.30 a.m. was nothing that attracted us. So we stayed on the ship and went for a short walk in Aswan later this morning. Continue reading

Day 2 on the Nile: Edfu and Kom Ombo

Pylon at the Horus temple in Edfu, EgyptThe day started with a ride in a horse drawn carriage to the Horus temple in Edfu. The ride was bumpy but what I completely underestimated was the horse hair. I’m allergic to animal hair. I know that. But I seemingly forgot that horses are animals and arrived at the temple sneezing. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad and so I also survived the trip back. It also showed me that a carriage ride wasn’t a desirable adventure (also because the driver was quite annoying, asking for Bakschish, meaning a tip, again and again. We finally gave him money just to shut him up even though this was something they warned us against because they get paid by the travel agency). Continue reading

Day 1 on the Nile: Luxor

View on the Nile to the West Bank in Luxor, EgyptYesterday we arrived in Egypt. It was quite a long journey to be honest. We left home at around 4.20 a.m. (me having slept 2.5 hours, Michael fresh from work, he just changed and got into the cab to the airport). The flight was at 6.45 a.m. and we arrived in Marsa Alam at around 1 p.m. local time. On the map Luxor didn’t look that far but with a seamingly detour nearly up to Hurghada it took another 6 hours by minibus to get there. So at 8.40 p.m. we finally checked in at our ship, the MS Zaina. Continue reading