Yarn along – Week 36 – Finished!

Guess what: I finally finished my big crochet blanket, the biggest and heaviest thing I’ve ever made in my crochet career! I really wanted to open this blog post with this sentence. I have worked since March on this blanket and finally I’m done! I did four double rows of stars all around the blanket and another one of single crochet to finish it and I think it is absolutely great. It is over 1m wide and about 1.70m long which means it is quite heavy. Now it only needs blocking because the edge is a bit ripply.big-blanket Continue reading


Yarn along – Week 35 – I’m back again

Last week we were on holidays so I didn’t participate in the Yarn along but this week I’m back and happy join Ginny and the knitting crowd again. So what happend in the last weeks? First of all no holiday knitting. When I go on holidays with Michael I don’t take my knitting with me. First of all I find it a bit weird (and warm) to knit on a summer holiday and then I think Michael deserves a break from seeing me knitting too… And it gets me back in the spirit of knitting. So I was very productive once  was back home.Back-christmas-sweaterI finished the back of the Christmas sweater for my brother and blocked it already to check that it has the correct size. I had written down the measurements of one of his sweaters to have something to compare my project with as I probably won’t see him until I’ll mail him Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 32 – Knitting in between lots of nailpolish

I’m totally living the nail polish frenzy with the 31 Days Nail Challenge which is why I missed last weeks yarn along… but I thought I might as well post a little knitting update as I actually worked quite a bit on my projects in the last week. As usually I link up with Ginny and her Yarn along for this.

I crocheted a few more rows on my big blanket, meaning I’m about fours more star rows away from starting the edge. This is great as I’m getting closer to finishing but also closer to having to weave in all those ends… I’m not really looking forward to this.crochet-start-stitch-blanketAnd then I kind of inherited a cardigan for Michael. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 30 – all those projects

As promised last week I started to take up all those hibernating projects this week. First of all I started crocheting on my big blanket. I’m getting closer to do the edge now but it is so warm here that I can’t stand this big warm blanket in my lap for too long so it is still some way to go to finish this.christmas-jumperThen I took some time to finally work some rows on my brother’s christmas jumper again. I’m already more than half way through Rudolph’s nose! Yet I’m still not in love with the colourwork which makes it hard for me to pick it up. But the back is already half way, I think. The problem I’m facing is that Continue reading

Yarn along- Week 18 – Man, I was busy

My blog post have been centered on knitting and crafting for a while now. Well sure this was because I joined Knitting & Crochet Blog Week last week. And today is Yarn along Wednesday that I definitively join, but after that I try to balance it a bit again with travelling which should be feasable as I’ll be travelling a bit in May and June. But for this week I just want to show you, how busy I was and how much I got done last week and today (don’t you love lazy public holidays?).

My-knitting Continue reading