All my nailpolishes 2014: turquoise is the colour

A small look back to last week. I was in the mood for turquoise and mint. First I painted my nails in the all time favourite mint apple candy from essie. Then I tried to upcycle the mani some days later by adding a zebra look to the tips. Generally a good idea but it probably needs some more practice plus the black Colorshow nailpolish doesn’t seem to be a good polish for stamping. And then I made a turquoise abstrakt collection of nails with my p2 pool side party nail polish in 020 turquoise sky, essie’s naughty nautical and urban turquoise by Maybelline. Enough colour for now. I think then next collection of colours will be neutrals.


31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 24 – Inspired by a book

WHAT IS IT? My inspiration for this nail art were the grey gentlemen from Michael Ende’s Momo, a quite disturbing children’s book. That left quite an imprint on me as a child. The book is very well known in Germany even though most people will only know that Momo is a girl and there are grey gentlemen, trying to catch her and that it has something to do with time. I tried to use different greys to create a suttle effect with different textures.inspired-by-a-book-mani-momoWHAT IS USED? I now remember why I hardly ever use Catrice, 900 Steel my Heart, a semi matte metallic nailpolish in dark taupe. It has a great texture but it Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 8 – Metallic

WHAT IS IT? It’s my favourite metallic nail polish, penny talk from last year’s mirror metallics limited edition by essie. It is just so pretty! I usually take this polish when I’m busy. It dries up super fast, in like a minute, and leaves your nails looking stunning. Today I added a bit of flavour by taping little triangles on the ring finger nail and painting them in two other mirror metallics.metallic-maniWHAT IS USED? 216A penny talk used as the base colour and Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 7 – Black and White

WHAT IS IT? I do confess I bought these two nail polishes just for this Challenge as I haven’t had neither a black nor a white one for quite some time (of course that doesn’t mean I not once owned one, I think I’ve had about every main colour once although not in every specific shade). Now it was really really hard to decide with black and white I should do. I fell in love with this lightning bolt tutorial but then I found the black and white polka dot version. And if that wouldn’t have been enough I also found these little moustaches. So what did I do, I painted one hand with dots the other with lightning bolts and I realised in my test I have problems drawing moustaches with my left hand and general problems with working with my nail art pen on already painted nails and so decided against doing them.Black-n-white-maniWHAT IS USED? I bought a cheap yet good black polish: Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 4 – Green

WHAT IS IT? It is an explosion  tape mani accentuating only the ring finger because first of all I think this nail polish can stand on its own. It is actually my favourite green at the moment. And then, I really have to admit, I was just to lazy to do this on all of my nails! green-explosion-maniWHAT IS USED: I started with Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 1 – Red

WHAT IS IT? I’m not a big fan of red nailpolish so I don’t own any traditional real cherry or tomato red polish. Mine are either more muted reds or pinky red like my favourite P2, french kiss. For the challege I got inspired by essie’s DiagoNails video tutorial. Red-diago-NailsWHAT IS USED: Continue reading