Getting to know Vienna

I arrived in Vienna yesterday morning at 7.40 a.m. Somehow I hadn’t thought about what that meant for getting up though: my alarm rang at 3.45 a.m. Yet on the other hand I had the whole day in Vienna.

Vienna Museums Quartier

Arriving at the hostel, Wombats at the Naschmarkt, which by the way is really new, good and very centrally located, I couldn’t check-in yet but drop off my luggage so after a quick look in the map I made my way to the the Museums Quartier. The area with the signature seats all over the place was so nice and sunny, I decided to stop there for breakfast. Continue reading

A Bug story

I admit, I don’t like animals that much. Pets that for others are so nice, so sweet, so good companions, for me are, well, just pets. I categorize animals into no leg, two legs, four legs and more legs.

  • When it comes to no legs (from snakes to fish) I don’t mind. Of course a big snake in my bedroom would get me screaming, but well, they are most often dangerous aren’t they.
  • The two leg category (birds mostly) I don’t care and mind and four legs are ok too. You might even hear me say that a particular cat or dog is cute. But than I’m allergic to animal hair so no much love here either. I actually find the little geckos that are all around here quite fascinating but well again also only outside of our bedroom.
  • And than there are the more legs ones. I hate them. Mosquitoes are just annoying as are flies or bees. But spiders and bugs literally bug me. They are just disgusting.

Having said this, why do I mention it in my blog?

Continue reading

Tropical rain

Since yesterday afternoon it has been raining every now and then. This is actually quite annoying. Not that it would mean that it gets cold or because we can’t lie on the beach (a little less sun could do my skin some good for a few days).

Tropical rain

Tropical rain

What bugged me, is that on one hand we have quite a lot of slightly wet clothes that should be dry by tomorrow (because wet clothes don’t get better when you carry them around in your backpack, so to speak) and on the other hand we needed to walk down the 30 minutes to Thong Sala again to get our tickets to Krabi and of course we didn’t want to  do so in the rain. Continue reading

No Party, just relaxing – Koh Phangan

We’ve been on Koh Phangan for two days and are now online once more. After we spent the first two nights in a really cheap place up north in Chaloklum, following the Lonely Planet advise, we decided to move. It was actually  not that nice there. Sure, there was a strip of powdery white sand, lots of quiet surrounding but it was not as beautiful as it could have been. So we rented a scooter and explored the island. Continue reading