Yarn along – Week 51 – and the official christmas knitting is done!

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along as usual, here is what I did this week:

I finished the last of the three Phoebe’s sweaters, bought buttons and now this is done. I’m a bit worried especially the biggest one will be far too big. But better too big than too small, don’t you think? They’ll grow into it. I won’t be there when they receive it so this’ll spare me the possible embarassment of unfitting gifts anyway 😉 I need to admit that as much as I love this pattern and the yarn, I’m super happy I finished the last one. and I’m not going knit another one any time soon. A friend of mine requested one for once she has children, no matter if it’ll be for a boy or a girl, but that gives me at least a 2-3 years break because she’s not even pregnant and the smallest pattern is for a two year old.Cowl_cardiganI finished my last planned christmas present, the thick cowl. I used three strands of a Continue reading


Yarn along – Week 49- it fits!

Today is Wednesday and as usual I’ll share my reading and knitting with you and all the people who take part or read the Yarn along Posts over at Ginny’s. Today let me start with this: Wooohoo, yay, yippieh, juchee! *grinning like mad, dancing around like a crazy person* Yesterday I received this picture:He-really-likes-itIt fits! My long-time project, the Christmas Sweater for my brother, did not only arrive in Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 48 – Better late than never

Again I didn’t manage to post my Yarn Along post to share with all of you in Ginny’s Yarn along on Wednesday. And this is why: I wanted to show you some proper pictures (and not the same old “it’s nearly finished but not yet finally done” pictures) and this meant finishing up things and I only did that last night. Complete-toddler-cardiganI finally finished two important projects: Yesterday I sewed up the Toddler Cardigan, Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 47 – and done and done and done

Just a quick update for the Yarn along over at Ginny’s because we hosted a little early Christmas dinner for some friends yesterday and everything not related to that dinner was neglected a bit. Therefor the late post.reindeer-sweaterYou know what is the great thing about a soccer game that my boyfriend is watching at Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 46 – Nearly finished

Here I am back again to the Yarn along and this week I have something to show too. We came back from our trip last Tuesday night and as I don’t knit during holidays away (as least if I travel with Michael) I didn’t have anything to show you. Well, as I realized later on Ginny was not hosting a Yarn along anyway because she had a baby. Congratulation to you and your family, Ginny! And this crazy woman is hosting the Yarn along this week already again.Mittens-in-useWell, back to my knitting. Coming back I still had the rest of the week off and when I had sorted out our luggage and put on a few washing machines, I started knitting like crazy. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 43 – Check, Check, Triple Check

As I planned last week, I got everything finished that I wanted to finish in October to stick to my Christmas Knit Planning:

The second Phoebe Sweater is finished and only needs blocking and buttons which I will take care of once we are back from our holidays. I even knitted the first rows of number three which will be a dark pink. This means that the red cardigan is finished on time: Check!Claras-and-Antonias-sweaterNext on my list was finishing the October part of my brother’s christmas sweater: sleeve Continue reading

Yarn Along – Week 42 – October knitting

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along quite late again this week but here is my short update: This week I started a new book, Salman Rushdie’s “Des Mauren letzter Seufzer” (The Moor’s Last Sigh) from which I have only read a few pages yet so I can’t say much about it and concentrated on two projects: The Phoebe’s Sweater for Clara and my socks. I finished sock one and am halfway through sock two. The picture is from yesterday morning but by now I already nearly turned the second heel. That was quite quick.book-and-socksThe cardigan is developing Continue reading