Something old

A bit late (it was already the topic for Saturday but I only got to see the pictures yesterday) is the May Photo Challenge “Something old”.

For the first time I saw pictures of my maternal grandfather’s family. I’ve seen the family pictures of my maternal grandmother before, can trace back my family on my paternal side up until the 16th century but I have never seen pictures of my maternal grandfather’s side until yesterday and I want to show you some great pictures: Continue reading


Something funny

Today’s topic in the May Photo Challenge honestly was a challege: “Something funny”. I hate it when people post seemingly funny pictures. I hardly ever find them amusing. Now, what could be funny but not too simple? I decided on posting something cute instead:1958 autofahrerinIt so says: “Get out of the way! I’m coming… if I could only reach down with my legs and see what is in front of me, that is…”

Morning sky – A trip to Uluru

Another easy one at the  May Photo Challenge: “Morning sky”. Well I can think only of one occasion when I got really early and took pictures: When we went to see Ayers Rock or Uluru as the Aboriginis call it and well, they have been there first.

Morning-sky-in-the-OutbackWe got up around 4.30am to be at the site at around 5.30am to watch the sun go up over Uluru and walk around that big rock. It was an amazing sight and I had that “I could actually feel the power of this place if there weren’t that many people around” feeling.And with people I especially mean those stupid people who can respect other peoples faith and thought they hadn’t really been there without climbing it. Hey, the Aboriginis don’t want that and you wouldn’t climb an altar to take a foto on it either, wouldn’t you?

FliesIt was late September so early spring but the temperature was rising quickly (I don’t want to know how hot it can get in summer. I think spring or autumn are far more recommendable) and a pest of flies was bother all of us except for the ones that had bought a flies protection hat which looked absolutely stupid but you tend to ignore stupid and long for one when flies are all over your face, in your ears, nose and mounth. How can you get used to this?

Uluru-oubackWe went there with Adventure Tours and were quite happy with the trip. It was a no frills trip with a mostly younger backpacker crowd. My mum was by far the oldest in the group but she was absolutely relaxed about this.

Me-in-the-outbackOverall we did three tours with them: Alice Springs to Uluru and back including Kings Canyon and Katajuta, Alice Springs to Darwin and Darwin to Kakadu National Park and back.

Kings canyonThe trip was great. Especially our wallk around Kings Canyon, a three hours trip that nobody was allowed to start on with out an 1,5l bottle of water as it was really hot.

UluruAnd what we saw was breathtaking. All that red earth, these rocks that are simply there in the middle of nowhere, all that is just stunningly beautiful. If you have a chance to go there, do it! But take the time to travelling from Alice Springs as Kings Canyon is really worth a visit.


Now today’s May Photo  Challenge topic “Leaves” is easy to master. Or rather too easy so that I can’t decide which one to take. I’m just showing you my favourites:Treetop-walk-great-ocean-road

This is in Australia, on the Great Ocean Road in a Tree Top Walk Place. My dad took that lovely picture and it now covers the freestanding back wall of our stove.Park-SintraAnd this is in the palace gardens in Sintra, Portugal.


Well that is a difficult topic today at the  May Photo Challenge “Happiness”. Before I could choose a picture I had to define for myself what is happiness? According to Wolfram AlphaHappiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.” Ok, I could have come up with that. It is that content little smile when everything is just right, that giggles you just can’t stop, a short moment or a general state of mind. Am I happy? Yes I am. Not in the “everything is pink and sparkly and we all love each other every single second of the day”-way but in a good healthy way that feels like “sure, things could be better but I’m actually quite fine the way things are” contentment. Now how do I translate that into a picture left alone do I have a picture that shows just that? It was hard. I checked pictures from the last 10 years. And the picture that shows happiness the best for me is this one. Nothing special, just a night when everyone was happy.

International_Dinner_2007It was in Oktober 2007 in the Macquarie University Village in Sydney where we had an outdoor dinner with about 20 people where everyone brought food from their respective country. We just had a good time, eating and drinking. I still miss these times and all the people sometimes. I just met very few of them again (yet).


Today’s Photo Challenge topic is “Smile”. So I thought I pick something that makes me smile and where people smile too.

Bad-Orb-1992This picture was taken on a school trip with my primary school. The Paper the guy in green hold probably reads something like “Bad Orb, Class 3, 1992”. I just looked it up: the place still exists: Schullandheim Wegscheide near Bad Orb. And look at us, how we are all dress up for disco night in what we thought, at the age of 9, was the height of fashion. I really wonder what has happend to all this people here. I only know that the third little girl grinning in the last row is the mum of that cute little baby that now sleeps under my crochet blanket. I can’t even name them all anymore. But maybe I should try to find them on Facebook. Can you guess which one I am? One tip: my hair is longer than it has ever been afterwards.