What to do when you have too many shoes

What do you do when you suddenly have too many shoes because you and your boyfriend IMAG1313have been in London to see his family and instead of sightseeing you went shopping because the exchange rate of pound to Euro is just too good if you are from a Euro Country and everything is so cheap and the Clarks shop had an specially good sale… well, and anyways the dresser in the corridor can’t take that amount of shoes, is more than 35 years old and your parents changed your diapers on it 30 years ago and you have decided with your boyfriend that you need a new dresser IMAG1317and even picked one from IKEA but his working hours collide completely with your free time and normal shopping hours? This was what I faced today. Continue reading


Furniture: What I want to do

I like upcycling furniture and rearranging things in the flat but unfortunately we now have about every piece of furniture we need. How good that we want to rearrange our bedroom because we want to get a new and (most important) bigger bed (sleeping on 1.2m together is very cozy, as in cosy, cosier, too cosy). Ok, we have been talking about this for ages but now we are really finally looking but anyways. But when looking for inspiration I found:this and wanted to share it with you because I thought it looked just too good.

idea for a table Continue reading

Green chairs for the kitchen

When we moved in we had only a small white table and two chairs but a massive kitchen. It took me some time but then I found the perfect huge table at a market and brought it back home. It didn’t have exactly the dark colour I wanted to I revamped it a bit. We also had a garden bench, which will stay in the kitchen.until we find a new one that fits better (which is hard because it should be at least 1.80m long and not expensive).

Now we needed chairs. And sometimes I can be very patient. In Germany every now and then you can place your bulky waste on the street and will be taken away. And many people place totally good and usuable furniture there. The first two chairs I found on the street back in 2011. Continue reading