Pattern: Simple Kids Sports Bag

I made these bags for Michael’s nieces and I wanted to show you how I did them. I think they should fit for kindergarden and primary school kids.

I refer to the models from left to right as B, C and A

I refer to the models from left to right as B, C and A

You need: Continue reading


Sewing 2012 away… so far

This year has been my sewing year so far. Apart from mending torn clothes, this year I sewed quite a lot especially after I went to the Holländischer Stoffmarkt, the Dutch Clothmarket, in Dortmund with Simone in May. Here I got several different Cloths. And nearly all of them are now already turned into some clothing or the like. The first thing I made this year was my carnival costume. But I really started after the Stoffmarkt with a long darkgrey linen skirt that is super comfy and yet looks quite elegant. Continue reading

My contribution to a sewing contest – a coral coloured tunic dress

On friday I finished my contribution to the HandmadeKultur sewing contest. To take part you had to do a tunic dress after a pattern that was in August’s issue of the magazine.

I used some coral coloured jersey that I had bought in May and had not yet used. Unfortunately I had a little too less cloth so I had to adapt the pattern a bit to fit it on the cloth (which meant that it got a little bit tighter but as it is quite loose anyway it was not a problem). For the details I used a printed silk that matched the colour of the jersey. I liked the pattern but except from the fact that that would have been far to expensive it would have been overwhelming anyway. Continue reading