Biking the world – a comparison of Germany, The Netherlands and Cambodia

Before I go to Vienna in 4 four days (and I’m absolutely excited to go) I wanted to share a post on biking as this is something I do everyday. I like biking – in a way of travelling from A to B, not in a sporty kind of way. I’ve been riding a bike here in Germany for about 24 years now (I think I learned to ride a bike at around the age of five). Other than in Germany I’ve been on a bike only in Cambodia and the Netherlands so far and everywhere it was different. Continue reading


Angkor by bike

Yesterday we started late, having had a long breakfast, then picking up our laundry and getting bikes.

Angkor Wat in the sun

Angkor Wat in the sun

We managed to be at Angkor Wat, this time in full sunshine and really beautiful, at the others tourists’ lunch time. It was really good with only a few other people around.

All in all we rode about 20km with our bikes, not getting as far as we wanted. But we saw a new temple and being free to go just where we wanted and being back for sunset at Angkor Wat again was worth it. Continue reading

Border stories

Yesterday, lying on the bed, I was ready to tell the story (but am only able to upload it today). As I said, we went to Cambodia yesterday. We were supposed to be picked up at 6.40 am this morning and as our hut was a minute away from the road and Thais are not known for their punctuality, we weren’t yet ready,when a bus driver knocked on our door at 6.30 am. But he grinned at us and told us, he’d be back in 10 minutes. Continue reading

Travelling South East Asia

Today we travelled from Koh Chang to Siem Reap. It took us 13 hours for about 500 km but to be fair, we had to take a bus, a ferry, a bus again, cross the Thai-Cambodian border by foot


Michael walking towards the border

, a bus again and than a Tuktuk. But in the end we found a nice room for $15 (everything is priced in Dollar here) with the most gorgeous new bathroom (at least for Asia, this price level and after some days in a basic hut and 13h travelling).
More on our travel and border adventures tomorrow. I’m just too tired now and we are getting thrown out of the restaurant with WiFi…