Yarn along – Week 14 – Lots of Hexipuffs

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along again this week this time with some colour work. No, I haven’t finished the cabled sweater (I decided to show no more pictures of a nearly finished grey cabled sweater. you’ll get to see it when it is finally finished) and no I haven’t started any of my spring time knits yet but I had to get up to date with my “one hexipuff a day” plan and knitted over 20 hexipuff during the Easter weekend to get the full number for HexipuffsMarch. And now that I have sorted them with the ones I already had, I can see lots and lots of colours already.

Other than that I started on Business Casual Socks. The pattern is fairly simple but it looks really nice. They will make a good in between knit. This year  I seem to be into lace and other pattern sock knitting. I already made Hermione’s Everyday Socks which I love. Now the Business Casual Socks and next on my list are the Broken Seed Stitch Socks. Continue reading

Yarn Along – Week 10 – Another one done

I had to miss out on joining Ginny’s Yarn Along last week because I was just so busy at work that it affected my few free hours quite a lot. I was in the office until 10 p.m. every Comfy-cardigannight last week. Now this week it is back to normal and I’m happy to join again this week.

First of all: I’m done! I finally finished my comfy cardigan just yesterday night! Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 07 – A bit of a mess

Now that I confined myself to my sofa for some “i’m sick but need to do some home office”, wrapped in my blanket and sipping tea  I thought I could also do the weekly Yarn along post now, joining Ginny at Small Things where all the other people share their link too.. Last week, as I showed you, was Carnival and by the way I added a picture with me actually wearing my costume. But with all the partying I couldn’t be bothered to post anything else. But I did knit though.

Yarn along week 7 Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 04 – Nothing new much

Joining Ginny for this weeks Yarn along again: As you can see the number of hexipuffs is growing ever since Week 2, the carpet is now twice the size it was last week even though it doesn’t really show and the cardigan has grown too but not as much as I hoped. I’m still knitting the back part. So not much new.Yarn along week 4 Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 03 – on and on I go

Joining Ginny in her Yarn Along again this week: Last week was a bit of a back to square one. I ripped the cosy cardigan because I realized that what I knitted was by far to big. I could wrap the whole back part completely around myself … But hey, with only 2/3 of stitches it knits up quickly so that after two days I was where I was before and am now I’m nearly half way up the back.Cosy Cardigan growing

Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 02 – little crotched owls, hexipuffs and other stuff

Joining this week’s Yarn Along over at Ginny’s with a finished and a new project and one in progress. The big Cardigancardigan has come along quit well compared to last week when I had just ripped what I had already knitted. I use English rip as pattern which makes it extra think and fluffy but also uses lots of yarn. Good that I have 24 skeins of wool. My reading hasn’t been coming along much further. But well, it is suppossed to be cold again so I guess I will have a bit of time to finish my cardigan and read some more. Continue reading