Biking the world – a comparison of Germany, The Netherlands and Cambodia

Before I go to Vienna in 4 four days (and I’m absolutely excited to go) I wanted to share a post on biking as this is something I do everyday. I like biking – in a way of travelling from A to B, not in a sporty kind of way. I’ve been riding a bike here in Germany for about 24 years now (I think I learned to ride a bike at around the age of five). Other than in Germany I’ve been on a bike only in Cambodia and the Netherlands so far and everywhere it was different. Continue reading


Bike Trip Part 3: Haarlem to Amsterdam

After going from The Hague to Zandvoort and then from there to Haarlem, our bike trip continued on Saturday. As fine as the weather had been on Friday, as bad it was on Saturday. When we were about to leave our hotel, it started raining. But we were prepared. Wrapped up in rain gear, we cycled through rain and winds towards Amsterdam. Actually quite a nice ride, mainly through the countryside, but with that weather we could only appreciate if there was no rain or wind that day and not how nice the landscape looked. When we arrived in Amsterdam it had stopped raining and we found our place to stay easily: the Maria Alberta, a boat near the main station. We had booked a three bed cabin and here it was not too bad this time, that it was just the two of us, as like this we had at least some space to spread our luggage. Continue reading

Bike Trip Part 1: The Hague to Zandvoort

I know, It’s been ages since I last posted something and I still want to blog about my trip to Kassel and the Documenta last month, a trip to Kaiserswerth with my parents some weeks ago and the review about the Lonely planet magazine that I got a subscription for isn’t finished yet either. But now I’m on a bike trip from Den Hague to Amsterdam so I decided to be up to date first and blog about things a little past later. Continue reading

Maastricht for an hour

Sint Janskerk MaastrichtOn my way home I stopped over in Maastricht. My mum had told me how beautiful and worth the visit Maastricht was and I had actually first plannend meeting Tine in Maastricht instead of Brussels. So I thought I wanted to have a quick look around, seeing what it was like, as it was on my direct way back home.

To be honest, we didn’t miss much. Maastricht is a beautiful, true. But it as exciting as every other medium sized town with quite a few old buildings. Continue reading