Mallorca – what a beautiful island

Yesterday we arrived in Mallorca to spend a week with Michael’s brother’s family who is staying here in a Finca for several weeks this summer. We had booked a rental car in advance and were on our way within an hour from landing. By the way, if you think of going to Mallorca and renting a car keep a look out for offers that are full/full or empty/empty (this refers to the fuel in the car) as otherwise they make you buy the first load of fuel from the car rental and this is more expensive than buying it from a normal petrol station.


The Finca we are staying in is beautiful, has a pool and is near Santinyi, a beautiful town near Continue reading

Where I’ve been, Sydney, what to do, when you have only four days

Sydney operaHere it is: part 10. I’m a bit proud of myself for blogging ten days in a row. And I want to finish my 10-Days-Special on Australia with a wrap up on Sydney as there is so much to do. There is definitively more to do than what I list, but let’s say you have four days in Sydney and the weather is nice, what should you do? Here are my favourite: Continue reading

Where I’ve been, Coastal Walk, Sydney, Australia, 2007

Bondi Beach, SydneySo, there are only two more posts left in the 10-Days-Special on Australia and this is the first of them: I want to tell you about the beauty of Sydney’s beaches and walks: the Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach in Southern Sydney.

The walk starts at Bondi Beach. Now many people name it the beach to go when in Sydney. It’s a surfer’s beach, Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Great Ocean Road, Australia, 2007

On the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, AustraliaNumber six of the 10-Days-Special on Australia is concerned with the Great Ocean Road. As Melbourne I have been there twice in 2007, once with the sports club and once with my Dad. I send you today’s post from my sofa as I’m at home with a nasty cold but you could say thinking about great landscape makes me feel better immediately. I tried to keep it short this time but there are just too many good pictures I wanted to show you. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Cairns and surrounding, Australia, 1999

View from the QuicksilverPart 5 of the 10-Days-Special on Australia is more of a step back in time. As you can see, it’s been ages since I was in Cairns but I just wanted to include some 13 year old pictures: I went to Cairns in 1999 as part of a school exchange group. 40 Highschool students aged 15 to 17 went to Australia for six weeks in their summer holidays to live four weeks in a guest family and to do a trip from Brisbane up to Cairns and back. In return the Australians had been to Germany already in their summer holiday, so in December 1998 and January of 1999. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Barcelona.

I’ve lived in Barcelona and I loved it. But it’s been years (nearly 10 to be precise) and yes I went there afterwards again in 2006 and 2009 but it’s about time to go again. Therefore here my Barcelona highlights, as a guide for myself to check them out again soon:

  1. I love Gaudís buildings, even though they are usually full of tourists. But there are also many beautiful buildings from other times:
    • Gaudí’s Parc Guell is a beautiful retreat in the city and offers amazing views
    • Gaudì’s Casa Battlo looks beautiful from the outside
    • Gaudì’s Casa Mila is beautiful from the inside
    • La cathedral
    • Santa Maria del Mar
    • Barcelonata
    • L’Eixample Continue reading