Nail Polish

Yes, I do love nail polish. I liked nail polish ever since I was a little kid. I got my first nail polish when I was about 6 years old. It was the coolest shade of purple (my favourite colour back then and ever since) My mum took it away from me immediately and I was only allowed to paint my nails for things like carnival but that was ok.

When I was about 11 oder 12 years old my mum couldn’t stop me from painting my nails anymore and I spend my pocket money on getting all the colours of the rainbow. This was still quite a difficulty back in the mid 90s as mass market brands mostly offered red and pink shades and nail polish was not at all such an it thing as it is today. I bought everything that was not pink or red (and I’m still no big fan of these colours) and ended up having quite a few nail polishes.

Then my love for nail polish kind of faded. During university I think I hardly painted my nails (in bright colours that is, I think for the last about 18 years my nails have been covered in nailpolish be it sheer nudes or bright colours, at least 90% of the time). When I started work and nail polish became the new it thing I started painting my nails more. Then I started doing advertising for a nail polish brand and from then everything went wild. I bought even more nail polishes and started doing nail designs. They then found their way into my blog and will most likely become a bigger part of it in the future.

These are my nailpolishes. To see them in action check here.


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