Blogged about polishes

My first post about all my nail polishes showed all the polishes I had at the time. But as this selection grows and changes quickly I thought I’d add a page where I can basically add new polishes and outlist ones that have dried out or are going for sale/swapping. If you are interested in pictures with all those polishes, just click on the links:


  • Fashion Studio 257, Pearly Diadem, I would rather call it Fairy dream or something like this, a duochrome very light nailpolish between light rose going lilac and very light green

A England



  • Blizzard, a dark green, nearly opaque glitter polish
  • Naughty or nice?, a multicolour glitter with fine pink, green and turquoise glitter
  • Yule rules, a sparkling turquoise glitter in a  clear base
  • Candy cane, a pinkish red glitter in a pinkish red base




  • Topcoat: 39, fine shiny glitter
  • 012, a super lovely apricot beige nude. Hard to describe but a every day wear nailpolish.
  • 394, a redish brown, brassy glitter polish



  • Topcoat: 236, Chunky holo black, a glitter topcoat with a red underton and hole hexagons

LA Splash

  • Neon Craze, yellow and blue based neon nail art glitter
  • Coral Mania, orange based neon nail art glitter
  • Spring Fling, pink based neon nail art glitter
  • Immature, light green and golden nail art glitter
  • Tropic Teal, turquoise nail art glitter
  • Golden Egg, golden, slighty going to copper nail art glitter


  • M& Buffalo edition, 87J, light blue green
  • 71S, a light creamy mint with tiny golden, red and blue glitter in it
  • Diamond Edition, 610W, dark purple with a lot of silver glittery sparkles
  • NEW: April 2014: 25G, a very light peachy coral
  • Pro French Tip Whitener, 11 A, creamy white polish with a thin brush




  • 501A, creamy white



Rival de Loop

Sally Hansen

Old ones


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