Review: Cafe des Halles and Club des Halles, Brussels, Belgium

Outside Cafe des Halles BrusselsI was in Brussels over New Year’s to meet some friends. One afternoon we went exploring the city a bit and as it was quite cold outside we ended up in a place that I actually had been before and really liked: the Cafe des Halles. It is a cafe bar situated in an old market hall at Place Saint-Géry in an area with lots of bars and restaurants and very close to the  metro station “Bourse”, the stock exchange of Brussels. Continue reading


Where I’ve been – Antwerp, Belgium, 2010

Another “Where I’ve been” is Antwerp in Belgium, a city I visited in March 2010. Back than a friend of mine and me, we decided to take a week off, take my car and just drive through Belgium, visiting interesting cities and friends on the way. The itenary was Düsseldorf, Antwerp, Brugges, Ghent, Brussels, Paris and back home: over 1000km of driving. Continue reading

Summer in the city – beautiful parks in Brussels

On Sunday we decided it was time for a picnic in the park. We stocked up on cookies, Woluweparkbread and some nice titbits, packed the picnic rag and headed for Tervuren, a place just outside of Brussels, or so we thought.

The GPS said 13km so we started thinking we would be there 20 minutes later. Unfortunately we didn’t know it was The Brussels 20 kilometers race that day and we found our way blocked. But that couldn’t stop us. We would simply drive around… Continue reading