Early summer in Brussels – a lazy Saturday

I spent the weekend at my friend Tine’s place in Brussels. I’d been there a few times before, so after waking late on Saturday we didn’t bother to go sightseeing. I had seen the city center with its Grand Place and the guildhalls with the marvellous fronts, the Manneken Pis statue (very tiny and surrounded by groups of people) or the Atomium (we went all the way up two years ago). I had also seen some quarters, like lovely Ixelles or St. Gilles. So instead we went shopping for our dinner party that night and later just went down Avenue d’Ixelles for a shopping stroll (ending up buying thongs like sunglasses and skirts fitting for the beautiful weather.

Later we had a coffee just next to Tine’s flat on Place Fernand Cocq. This little square is highly recommended. It’s not too big, yet with Place Fernand Cocq, Brussels Jazz Marathonseveral bars, quite a few people walking around and best of all was that it was one of the places with a stage that hosted Brussels Jazz Marathon this weekend.

We could actually stayed like all evening long but some of Tine’s flatmates and friends were waiting for dinner that we wanted to cook. And that’s what we did. We cooked up a storm of Thai food: coconut milk soup, mango salad, red and massaman curry and fried noodles (far too much as it proofed but very delicious).

The day ended on the roof top (as the shared flst has no balcony) with a beer and long talks. Actually a perfect Saturday!


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