The Quest for the Hunger Games Cowl – part 3

Maybe it was a bit hasty when I announced in my Wednesday Yarn Along post that I would have a finished pattern for you to test knit on Sunday. I don’t have one. I knitted and reknitted the collar yesterday. And while I got quite a similar look to the picture of the cowl, the drape is so not how it is suppossed to be. Too stiff, standing up rather then softly falling… And because I was really annoyed by this I thought I might as well start knitting my second test version.The-Hunger-Games-Cowl_2 Continue reading


The Quest for the Hunger Games Cowl – part 2

I got further on my quest to reknit the Hunger Games Cowl. And many people are also looking. There is even a thread on ravelry for it now! After looking again at my scribble of the cowl parts from part 1 I thought: well why should I knit it in three parts? Part 1 and 2 could go together. And now look: Less sewing and doing that makes it so much easier to knit!Hunger-games-cowl-part-1 Continue reading

The Quest for the Hunger Games Cowl – part 1

katniss-everdeen-profileI saw that Rachel was looking for a pattern for the cowl from the new Hunger Games Movie. Now first of all I was surprised to find out what “The Hunger Games” is all about. To be honest I always thought “The Hunger Games” was some kind of series about teenage girls trying to gain size zero and being anorexic. This was why whenever someone mentioned the books I thought: well I’m not going to read something like that. But yesterday I realized that it is the series that in German is called “Die Tribute von Panem”… So reading Rachels post made me not only realized how wrong I was, it made me buy the first volume of the Hunger Games and I saw that beautiful cowl Katniss is wearing in the new movie.

I liked the cowl so I thought I might as well go on a quest to design something looking like this cowl. The construction was quite clear to me from the beginning. I wanted to knit two triangular lower parts for front and back. Then I wanted to knit a third part to create the middle piece and then maybe crochet the top. So first of all I was going through patterns to find something similar to the ribbing on the lower part. I marked some patterns and then went through my stash. Continue reading

What shall we do with the baggy cardi…

The-baggy-lace-cardiganWhat shall we do with the baggy cardi
what shall we do with the baggy cardi
what shall we do with the baggy cardi
early in the morning.
*sing along*

This morning it was not as sunny as yesterday and I picked up a lace cardigan made from very nice and cool egyptian cotton I had knitted last year that had been lying around waiting for some modifications to be done. Continue reading

Tutorial: Ankle high knit-felted slippers

Some months ago I wrote this pattern for a blog swap with Nathalie at Marigold’s Loft:

To make this pair of ankle high knit-felted slippers you need:

Ankle-High Knit-felted Slippers

  • about 250g of felting wool, more if you want to do felted slippers bigger than size 41 (UK: 7/US: 7.5), a little less for slippers smaller than size 36 (UK: 3.5/US: 6.5)
  • a set of five double pointed needles, matching your yarn. I used size 8 needles (UK: 0/US: 11)
  • a washing machine and dryer balls to increase the felting
  • about 6-8 hours of effective working time plus washing and drying time Continue reading