Day 6: Valley of kings, Luxor

Hatchepsut temple, Luxor, EgyptThe last day on board started early. As every morning we had a wake up call 15 minutes before breakfast began, than one hour for breakfast and then the trip. Today’s wake up call was at 5.45 a.m….

We started with the collosi of Memnon which were not that colossal at all and had many people trying to sell touristy rubbish in a very aggressive way. Continue reading

Day 5 on the Nile: Esna and Luxor

Luxor temple, EgyptToday started with a surprise: it was raining – not cold but raining. So the trip to the first temple of the day was short but as we walked through a little basar with no good roof we emerged covered with dirty drops. The temple itself wasn’t that exciting either. It had well preserved colourful walls but it was small and loads of birds were nesting and therefor shitting there. If you think about what to skip on a tour like this, I would suggest the Chum temple in Edna. Continue reading

Day 2 on the Nile: Edfu and Kom Ombo

Pylon at the Horus temple in Edfu, EgyptThe day started with a ride in a horse drawn carriage to the Horus temple in Edfu. The ride was bumpy but what I completely underestimated was the horse hair. I’m allergic to animal hair. I know that. But I seemingly forgot that horses are animals and arrived at the temple sneezing. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad and so I also survived the trip back. It also showed me that a carriage ride wasn’t a desirable adventure (also because the driver was quite annoying, asking for Bakschish, meaning a tip, again and again. We finally gave him money just to shut him up even though this was something they warned us against because they get paid by the travel agency). Continue reading

Day 1 on the Nile: Luxor

View on the Nile to the West Bank in Luxor, EgyptYesterday we arrived in Egypt. It was quite a long journey to be honest. We left home at around 4.20 a.m. (me having slept 2.5 hours, Michael fresh from work, he just changed and got into the cab to the airport). The flight was at 6.45 a.m. and we arrived in Marsa Alam at around 1 p.m. local time. On the map Luxor didn’t look that far but with a seamingly detour nearly up to Hurghada it took another 6 hours by minibus to get there. So at 8.40 p.m. we finally checked in at our ship, the MS Zaina. Continue reading

Angkor by bike

Yesterday we started late, having had a long breakfast, then picking up our laundry and getting bikes.

Angkor Wat in the sun

Angkor Wat in the sun

We managed to be at Angkor Wat, this time in full sunshine and really beautiful, at the others tourists’ lunch time. It was really good with only a few other people around.

All in all we rode about 20km with our bikes, not getting as far as we wanted. But we saw a new temple and being free to go just where we wanted and being back for sunset at Angkor Wat again was worth it. Continue reading

Buddhist day in Bangkok – or so they told us.

The big standing buddha

The big standing buddha

Today we went sightseeing. We saw lots of temples and learned how to pray there for good luck (what we of course did as it can’t do no harm).

Bangkok seems to be full of temples with different kinds of buddha statues and you can just go in there, gaze at their beauty or join the locals to pray. Continue reading