Haus der Geschichte – Bonn

As I had the days between Christmas and New Year’s off, I wanted to do something. Actually I wanted to see an exhibition in Bonn about some rare pictures of the world before 1914 in colour. But when I researched the whole thing I stumbled about the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn. It is a museum dedictated to show the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, so everything that happend here since World War II and is packed with all kinds of exhibits from the last 70 years from an postwar holy communion dress purely made of gauze bandages because the seamstress had nothing else to work with, to an Russian tank. I’m an enthusiast when it comes to history so I was more than happy to swap the expensive photo exhibition for the free Haus der Geschichte when Michael suggested going there instead. Haus-der-Geschichte-Bonn-special-exhibitionBut first we visited the special exhibition showcasing the special history Germany hawith the US. It showed how the American Occupation after the war was viewed by Continue reading

More sightseeing, a lot more walking: Istanbul Day 2+3

After a cool first day yesterday was rather dull. The weather was grey, foggy and cold. The Archeological Museum was not really exciting (once you’ve been to the British museum I guess its hard to be entirely happy with a museum of that sort).Istanbul-Archeological-MuseumThere was an interesting exhibition about Continue reading

A sunday in Aachen

I still can hardly believe it but we did a day trip yesterday. When ever we are on holiday we say, we must do something in the area back home too but then Michael works weekends and if he doesn’t he is trying to relax and sleeps a lot. But this weekend we really went out and did something. I had picked up a couple of brochures in the museum in Ratingen and in one they featured an exhibition in Aachen with photos from Germany from the end of the war until the reunification, called “Aufbrüche – Bilder aus Deutschland” at the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum. This sounded interesting and with Aachen being merely 80km away we decided to go there.Behind-the-LuisenbrunnenThe weather had been rather autumny all weekend long and when it wasn’t raining when we arrived in Aachen we decided to go for a walk first and then Continue reading

Ratingen – how going to a jazz matinee ended up with a cool visit to a museum

I know, I planned to do far more around Düsseldorf because there is so much to see. But with a boyfriend who works weekends and a comfy sofa and something to knit, it is sometimes really hard to get out and see something. Yesterday Simone made me leave my sofa and go for a trip. We decided to go to a Jazz Matinee infront of the Herrenhaus Cromford in Ratingen, a small neighbouring small town of Düsseldorf.Herrenhaus_Cromford_RatingenIt turned out that the Jazz Matinee was less Jazz (every now and then a band played some songs) and more of a good excuse for the retired people of the neighbourhood to enjoy the last sun beams of summer and meet friends while having a nice glass of wine or some coffee and cake. So we decided to go for a walk. Continue reading

Dusseldorf’s Night of the Museums 2013

I’ve been living in Dusseldorf since 2008 but never made it to the Dusseldorf’s Night of the Museums. I didn’t even go to many museums here at all. So yesterday I decided to finally join the fun. I wanted to see as much as possible. We went with a group and had laid out a big plan on what to see in which order but obviously we did get so see everything and got seperated along the way too. It was still good fun and I’m now motivated to go and see more museums in Dusseldorf in the future.

K21-Duesseldorf-Staendehaus Continue reading

Where I’ve been, Wellington, New Zealand, 2007

This is the first post for a new special! This time the special will be on New Zealand. All the tips are based on my trip to New Zealand in July 2007 when we started in Wellington, Look over Wellington New Zealandthan crossed over to the South Island and then toured around in a rental car. This is a guide for a two days stay in Wellington.

I arrived in Wellington on my own as the other three girls I was travelling with had already toured the North Island and we were suppossed to meet in Wellington the next day. I took the bus into town and to be honest, I had to look into my guidebook to make sure that Wellington was really the capital of New Zealand because it just didn’t look like it. It just looked like a mid-sized town on the sea. Continue reading