Tips on what to do differently

So, now that our holidays are over, would we’ve done something differently? Yes, somethings for sure: Continue reading


Ferry rides

On the Ferry

On the Ferry

I’ve always liked cities where ferries are part of the public transport system. I loved to take the ferry to Manly from Sydney’s city center. Taking a boat trip down the Elbe in Hamburg was a nice way to get around too. And yesterday we discovered what a convenient way of travel Bangkok’s ferries offer. Continue reading

Expensive way to Bangkok

We arrived this morning at 5.45 am in Bangkok after a 18 hours long journey. Michael got out of the bus to get our backpacks. I stayed. I had taken of my glasses to sleep and couldn’t find them. I looked through my little backpack, looked around (obviously without glasses so half blind) and then they rushed me out of the bus. As I hadn’t seen the glasses on the bus I thought they had to be in my backpack. Well they weren’t, the bus was gone and so were my glasses… Continue reading

Goodbye Koh Lanta

We are leaving our little home here in Koh Lanta in about an hour.

Seashell Beach Resort No. 6

Seashell Beach Resort No. 6

In the end we stayed here more than a week. It was not because it was the most beautiful place we’ve been too (I think the second place on Koh Phangan could claim the most beautiful beach trophy).

It was not the most comfortable hut we’ve had. But time just passed quickly Continue reading

Buddhist day in Bangkok – or so they told us.

The big standing buddha

The big standing buddha

Today we went sightseeing. We saw lots of temples and learned how to pray there for good luck (what we of course did as it can’t do no harm).

Bangkok seems to be full of temples with different kinds of buddha statues and you can just go in there, gaze at their beauty or join the locals to pray. Continue reading