Travel Blogs

Handicraft Blogs

  • Marigolds’ Loft – My first blog swap partner. A yeah for Natalie and her ideas
  • All She Wants To Do Is Knit – this is the place for Knitting Addict Anonymous
  • Truly myrtle – just some beautiful ideas what to knit
  • Crafts from the cwtch – I just like the way she knits and writes
  • Small Things – Ginny is the hostess of the weekly Yarn along on Wednesday that I usually  join
  • Little woolie – I wasn’t much into crocheting but I just loved the colours she’s working with and now I’m crocheting a star stitch blanket myself…

Nail Blogs

  • Nailslide – I love her Naildesigns. Not to flowery and sooo neatly made.
  • Polish and Pearls I really love watching her videos and admire how steady her hands are when she paints her designs even though I would be caught dead wearing many of her designs because they are just too figurative and girly for me
  • Very Emily – I would say I’m in love with 50% of her designs while the other 50% is so not my style. Very funny. But I always love to browse her blog.
  • Pshiiit – A blog name that does sound a bit ridiculous to me but the most lovely nail designs. Good that pictures mainly say it all. Like this I don’t have to get out my bad French and try to understand what exactly she writes 😉

Other Blogs

  • The BrandBuilder Blog – I just love Olivier Blanchard’s witty articles on social media although they are always so long
  • 100m Freistil – that’s a friend of mine, working as a Freelance Art Director. His website is a clear and ordered as his flat is even though he and one of my best friends have a baby.

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