Last weekend before christmas

As Michael’s family lives in London he spends Christmas there and as Christmas is so conveniently located in the week I took a plane on Friday. Michael and his mother had taken one flight earlier but when I booked I wasn’t sure if I could take half the day off and went in the evening.

imageSince then we’ve been having loads of family time. Michael’s nieces have kept us busy during the day and in the evening we have been feasting on lovely stuff. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: British Museum, London, Great Britain, 2011

I’m a huge fan of historic stories and archeology. This is why I enjoy places like Angkor or little Óbidos so much. I love watching documentaries about historic things (be it specific ages, kings and queens or one historic happening) on TV. When I went to London last November I had never heard of the British Museum before. But when I discovered it in my travel guide it was clear I had to go there. And now as I write this article I just saw that it is second in rank in the world when it comes to visitors, topped only by the Louvre in Paris. Continue reading