Review: Cafe des Halles and Club des Halles, Brussels, Belgium

Outside Cafe des Halles BrusselsI was in Brussels over New Year’s to meet some friends. One afternoon we went exploring the city a bit and as it was quite cold outside we ended up in a place that I actually had been before and really liked: the Cafe des Halles. It is a cafe bar situated in an old market hall at Place Saint-Géry in an area with lots of bars and restaurants and very close to the  metro station “Bourse”, the stock exchange of Brussels. Continue reading

Getting to know Vienna

I arrived in Vienna yesterday morning at 7.40 a.m. Somehow I hadn’t thought about what that meant for getting up though: my alarm rang at 3.45 a.m. Yet on the other hand I had the whole day in Vienna.

Vienna Museums Quartier

Arriving at the hostel, Wombats at the Naschmarkt, which by the way is really new, good and very centrally located, I couldn’t check-in yet but drop off my luggage so after a quick look in the map I made my way to the the Museums Quartier. The area with the signature seats all over the place was so nice and sunny, I decided to stop there for breakfast. Continue reading

Where I’ve been, Sydney, what to do, when you have only four days

Sydney operaHere it is: part 10. I’m a bit proud of myself for blogging ten days in a row. And I want to finish my 10-Days-Special on Australia with a wrap up on Sydney as there is so much to do. There is definitively more to do than what I list, but let’s say you have four days in Sydney and the weather is nice, what should you do? Here are my favourite: Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Barcelona & Food

I’ve lived in Barcelona and I loved it. But it’s been years (nearly ten to be precise) and yes I went there on holidays in 2006 and 2009 but it’s about time to go again. So what is so great about Barcelona? One thing is: Barcelona has great food, that is, mostly, if you are willing to spend the money. Therefor here my Barcelona highlights concerning Food, as a guide for myself to check them out again soon:

  • There are many famous restaurants so have a look around and just try to book a table during the day, if you find something nice. Just note that dinner time is around 10 pm. If for 10 pm all table are reserved ask if you can have one around 8 to 9 pm.
  • Tapas are not the speciality of Catalunya, but you still get great ones here. I prefer the basquestyle tapas were you stand at the bar and just eat them as you like and later you only pay the little wooden sticks of the ones you had: a bit sushi style. A good tapas bar is next to the church Santa María del Pí, but unfortunately I can’t remember the name.
  • A “Chocolate” is something beautiful: hot, sticky chocolate, more like a dessert than a drink and some sweet pastry do the trick, but a coffee at the beach is nice too. Or maybe you might want to grab a sandwich from Pans & Company and the like. They are nothing like Subway sandwiches: crusty and crunchy baguettes e.g. with a slice of tortilla.

My outdoor office

Sitting on the terrasse on Cafe Plaeyuan doing my social networking and getting up to date. This is how work could be like everyday… 
My outdoor office

My outdoor office

There are numerous places with WiFi, free or with password, literally everywhere, where there is a cafe or a resort. But for really doing some work here, I’d like to have a laptop. But as it is, I’m just fine with typping everything into my phone and uploading it from there.  It’s just so handy (the Germans will get that pun…).

Continue reading