Yarn along 01 – A fresh start

I was pretty happy knitting wise when Christmas was over. First because I had finally finished all the Christmas knitting which included two Honey Cowls, three Phoebe Sweaters, one Cardigan for Merry and one Ode to Veera Cowl. And second because I had not knitted much over the whole Christmas days. So when I came back home I was ready to start something new. Now I can happily join Ginny’s first Yarn Along of 2014.this-will-be-a-hat-one day Continue reading

Katniss Cowl – After the start of the movie

Since the movie came out thinks have gone crazy on ravelry and here on the blog for my Katniss Cowl pattern. Literally everybody seems to look up the pattern. To be honest, I never ever expected this and I’m super proud and hope that after I fixed some really big mistake on the back side chart, even more people will be making this cowl.

I just want to give a kind of statement to some questions and things that came up so far and that I have read in forum posts. Many people seem to like the pattern but many seem to get it, me or my intentions wrong and I feel a bit like I have to explain myself.

  1. The cowl doesn’t look exactly like in the movie. It is not authentical. I haven’t even seen the movie yet. All I had in July to base my design on was this picture where you could see the cowl from the front. I had no idea about what it would look like from the back or that it had an armhole. So my design is my interpretation of that cowl and doesn’t aim in no way to be the exact copy.Katniss_Cowl_on_Katniss
  2. The roped collar doesn’t fall like the one in the movie. The drape is not right. My design includes the nearest way that I found to make something similar like in the movie. I know it doesn’t have the drape of the movie one which is sad because that was what I was aiming for but it was the next best thing I could think of and if your read the quest on designing this cowl, you know I tried a lot…Take-a-look
  3. People comment on the pattern on ravelry and don’t get an answer from me straight away. The pattern is for free because it was the first thing I ever truely designed. I have no professional background in designing things and therefor don’t claim that my design or even more my pattern is fault free. To be honest I never expected that that many people would be interested in it anyway. If you find a mistake, let me know. I’m happy to update the pattern. But I have a fulltime job and (I know, it sounds weird but it is true 😉 a life away from knitting. I love to help but it might take some days until I reply.

Hope you enjoy the pattern and I appreciate every link back to finished goods on ravelry.

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Yarn along – Week 36 – Finished!

Guess what: I finally finished my big crochet blanket, the biggest and heaviest thing I’ve ever made in my crochet career! I really wanted to open this blog post with this sentence. I have worked since March on this blanket and finally I’m done! I did four double rows of stars all around the blanket and another one of single crochet to finish it and I think it is absolutely great. It is over 1m wide and about 1.70m long which means it is quite heavy. Now it only needs blocking because the edge is a bit ripply.big-blanket Continue reading

Katniss Cowl Tutorial

FINALLY it is ready for you to start knitting! After a long quest the Hunger Games cowl, now called Katniss Cowl is uploaded as a pdf download to ravelry because I realised it would be very very difficult to have it here nicely formated and everything and I guess you would like to print it easily too. Here you  used find a photo tutorial on how to do the roped collar. This post has moved to my new blog here.Katniss-Cowl

Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 35 – I’m back again

Last week we were on holidays so I didn’t participate in the Yarn along but this week I’m back and happy join Ginny and the knitting crowd again. So what happend in the last weeks? First of all no holiday knitting. When I go on holidays with Michael I don’t take my knitting with me. First of all I find it a bit weird (and warm) to knit on a summer holiday and then I think Michael deserves a break from seeing me knitting too… And it gets me back in the spirit of knitting. So I was very productive once  was back home.Back-christmas-sweaterI finished the back of the Christmas sweater for my brother and blocked it already to check that it has the correct size. I had written down the measurements of one of his sweaters to have something to compare my project with as I probably won’t see him until I’ll mail him Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 28 – The Hunger Games Cowl and some lace socks

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along, here is what I knitted and read this week: After stumbling about the question on how to possible knit the cowl Katniss wears on one of the posters for the new Hunger Games movie I thought I just might come up with a pattern. Hunger-Games-Cowl-and-The-Culture-of-Knitting Continue reading