The Quest for the Hunger Games Cowl – part 4


After a long quest, the cowl is ready. Look at this: This is how my hunger games cowl looks in detail after blocking which I now can recommend to be done when not yet assembled. The collar doesn’t need blocking anyway and it takes the longest time to dry.

Hunger-games-cowl-in-a-dreamAnd these are the best pictures, our friends Katharina and Jochen (Michael was busy working) could take of me. And this is really difficult as I tend to look like a complete moron (eyes half closed, mounth uncontrolled half open, etc.) when I look directly into the camera. But I must admit these pictures are lovely.Hunger-Games-Cowl-SeatedAnd the pattern is under construction. I have started to write it down and guess it shouldn’t take too long. Then only my lovely test knitters (already thank you in advance) have to reknit it successfully and then all you others can try your luck as well 🙂

UPDATE: It is done! The pattern is ready for you to start. Check here or directly on ravelry.

21 thoughts on “The Quest for the Hunger Games Cowl – part 4

    • Not yet unfortunately. If that works I’ll put it on ravelry already tonight as a kind of teaser and I hope I’ll have the pattern finished by the weekend. But I’ll let you all know via the blog when I’m done and where to find it.

    • It is up now! I’ll try to make a video tutorial for the double cord collar part too because this might be hard to understand in the pattern. I would be super excited if you would knit the cowl and let me know what you think.

  1. I just emailed you but I thought this might be quicker. When you say you used four strands of yarn – what weight’s were they? I am going through my stash trying to figure out if I need to buy new yarn so any advice will help!

    • I had the same question yesterday already and will send an email to all of you tonight: I used one chunky weight and 3-4 fingering weight yarns but it could be anything that gives you gauge. I would suggest mixing different yarns and just test knitting a little bit.

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