Yarn along 01 – A fresh start

I was pretty happy knitting wise when Christmas was over. First because I had finally finished all the Christmas knitting which included two Honey Cowls, three Phoebe Sweaters, one Cardigan for Merry and one Ode to Veera Cowl. And second because I had not knitted much over the whole Christmas days. So when I came back home I was ready to start something new. Now I can happily join Ginny’s first Yarn Along of 2014.this-will-be-a-hat-one day Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 48 – Lots of knitting has been done

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along with a short entry: I’ve been super busy with knitting this weekend (well christmas as coming soon).

I nearly finished the green scarf with the simple lace pattern that I developed. I want to knit all the green wool I have and guess then it will be long enough. Hope the not so usual light green colour will fit the one who is going to get that one for Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 47 – Back at the needles

Having returned from our two weeks holiday in Egypt last Thursday I quickly started with new knitting projects so I can happily join Ginnys Yarn along again today.

Lace knitting and my booksI had bought two knitting pattern magazines before we went on holiday and brought back all my mum’s old yarn so I was trying to figure out how to make that beautiful jumper I found in one of the magazines with wool I have. I think I might now have found enough wool to get going but first of all I wanted to start with a christmas present. Can’t show you much at the moment as I need to wait until people from my family won’t check my blog for some last posts on our holiday anymore so I will show you in some weeks.I can only say that much: it will be absolute beautiful 😉 Continue reading