The Quest for the Hunger Games Cowl – part 1

katniss-everdeen-profileI saw that Rachel was looking for a pattern for the cowl from the new Hunger Games Movie. Now first of all I was surprised to find out what “The Hunger Games” is all about. To be honest I always thought “The Hunger Games” was some kind of series about teenage girls trying to gain size zero and being anorexic. This was why whenever someone mentioned the books I thought: well I’m not going to read something like that. But yesterday I realized that it is the series that in German is called “Die Tribute von Panem”… So reading Rachels post made me not only realized how wrong I was, it made me buy the first volume of the Hunger Games and I saw that beautiful cowl Katniss is wearing in the new movie.

I liked the cowl so I thought I might as well go on a quest to design something looking like this cowl. The construction was quite clear to me from the beginning. I wanted to knit two triangular lower parts for front and back. Then I wanted to knit a third part to create the middle piece and then maybe crochet the top. So first of all I was going through patterns to find something similar to the ribbing on the lower part. I marked some patterns and then went through my stash.Rip-knit-patterns

I wanted a thick fabric and some mottled effect so I took several yarns from my stash and began mixing. I knew I was going for  grey as the general coulour and tried mixing several grey stash yarns with each other then with several thinner yarns in different colours. I knew I was not aiming for something exactly like in the picture from the movie. After checking several mixes I ended up with something that really pleases me: A think grey woolen yarn, mixed with a thin turquoise wool, a bright green silk mix and a very thin orange cotton. It is nice and squishy and the colours get a nice bright effect with the dark grey.Colour mixes

Then I tried out the different patterns. I needed a ribbed pattern that I could knit diagonal to create a triangle after I tried different things like going for a heringbone stitch but they all didn’t really create the look I needed. I then tried a simple knit x purl x and that looked far better. After about 10 trial runs I ended up with *k4,p1,k1,p3, k1, p1 then repeat from *. And to get it diagonal I’m moving all knit stitches one to the left after I decrease one stitch on the right in every second row. When I’ve finished I will write down exactly what I did.The-final_pattern

Having found my pattern it was now time to measure gauge and calculate. I think starting with 45 stitches for the long side I’ll end up with a few stitches for the short side’s shoulder part while having achieved the width I need. I cast on the amount and we’ll see how it’ll end up. Now it means knitting, knitting, knitting. But with a mix of four yarns and EU size 9 needles that should be a quick knit. It is only the shifting of the ripping that takes a bit of time.Finding-the-right-pattern

Stay tuned for the next steps of the quest for the Hunger Games Cowl. I’ll keep you posted! Update: part 2, part 3 and part 4 are out too.

5 thoughts on “The Quest for the Hunger Games Cowl – part 1

  1. I’ve seen several patterns for this cowl, but I think the photo of yours is the best looking. I like the way it lies and also the way it drapes over the shoulders. Very nicely done!

    • You certainly have! So many people already trying to solve the Katniss Cowl mystery. Can you tell me what the ravelry group is called? I’d like to join and my first searches for it ended kind of nowhere

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