The Quest for the Hunger Games Cowl – part 2

I got further on my quest to reknit the Hunger Games Cowl. And many people are also looking. There is even a thread on ravelry for it now! After looking again at my scribble of the cowl parts from part 1 I thought: well why should I knit it in three parts? Part 1 and 2 could go together. And now look: Less sewing and doing that makes it so much easier to knit!Hunger-games-cowl-part-1And then I went shopping yesterday. I got a needle in size 10 (US 15) and now look, the fabric is far softer. I also adapted the pattern a little bit. Instead of knitting k4, I knit k1, sl1, yo, sl1, k1 while on the back row I purl all stitches and let the yo slip again. Like this I create more depth in the ribbing.Detail-ribbingAnd then I tried the idea with crocheting around a cord for part 3. I didn’t knit around a round cord but around some key chain cord I had left over and look at the effect! I think this could be it!crochet-partWhat do you think? Could this be the beginning of the Hunger Games Cowl pattern?

UPDATE: part 3 andpart 4 are online as well.

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