Yarn along 3 – Grmph…

After stating last week that I had three current projects and four hibernating ones AND wanted to join a Mystery KAL I thought I should finish something first before the KAL started on Monday. And so I did.Michaels-hatMichael’s hat is quite nice for a completly made up pattern, I think. He wanted the hat to be slouchy but I guess he isn’t used to wearing a slouchy hat quite yet. But the wool is so soft so I guess he’ll get used to it. Next I finished the Stockholm Cowl. It would have been nicer had it been a little wider. But when you are stashbusting like me and mixing different yarns and run out of one colour than this determines the width of your cowl. But I’m pretty fine with it. I can wrap it around my neck three times and then it is pretty thick and cosy too. The person who’ll et it eventually will love it for sure.the-carpetI also looked through my hibernating projects. I knit a hexipuff, something I haven’t done in months. And I packed a bag of short yarn left overs that could be turned into hexipuffs. Maybe some day I will even sew up some more of them and eventually this project will end up being a blanket. One day… Then I unpacked something that I fiercely started last January and after two or three weeks it went straight into hibernation: The carpet. Do you remember the carpet I started? Vaguely? So did I. I needed to search for it first because I had stored it away. Since I started I had bought far longer cables for my needles to I switched that first and then quickly knit up a hole skein of red. But I remember now why I stopped knitting that thing. It is quite exhausting with those super big needles and even now after I think three skeins the whole thing is already quite heavy. This means my poor wrists need to work a lot. I should get some wrist support bands or the like for the future. And I even knitted two rows on my lace shawl.

unravelling-the-sleeveThen I thought I could go back to my actual big project. By sunday night one sleeve was as good as done. I had tried it on several times so I should have taken the decision earlier but well, I didn’t. It was too tight. So I frogged two nights of work, about 100 rows. This was very depressing but I started new. About 30 rows later I checked it again and honestly, the way I increased and added stitches into the pattern just didn’t look good. And I want this sweater to be perfect (or at least the closest to perfect that I can manage). So last night I frogged it again. Now I’m nearly back to where I was last week but the sleeve is coming with me on my trip to Berlin the next two days and I guess even though I need to work a little on the train, I can spend at least one hour knitting on each trip so it will grow again.

Swatching-for-the-Follow-your-arrow-Mystery-KALLast but not least the KAL. I started it. I even swatched. But I don’t need too much of a mystery so I checked the spoiler pics from people who already started on Monday and chose the version I’m following for clue no.1 after that. And again I was a bit over excited. I had repeated the pattern several times before I realised I repeated the four rows I was suppossed to repeat three times only two times. More frogging. More grmph feelings… But now I’m on track again.

This, as you might have guessed, left little time for reading. So nothing new in this department. What about you? Linking up with Ginny and the Yarn along ladies as usual.

Yarn along 2 – A quick peak

Today only a quick peak at what I’m doing because things have grown a little but nothing new here yet: The sweater is now ready to be divided for the sleeves and I even knit ten rows of the first cuff too. The Stockholm cowl is four times its size of last week but far from finished and there wasn’t even a hat last week. After not finding a pattern we both liked I made something up. It is using up the left over yarn snippets I had from Michael’s boneyard shawl in green, beige and medium brown and should go well with the shawl. I’m ready to do the decreases now and think it will be a very cool hat.Yarn-along-2-2014And then I went yarn shopping again. I know three project in work plus I think four Continue reading

Yarn along 01 – A fresh start

I was pretty happy knitting wise when Christmas was over. First because I had finally finished all the Christmas knitting which included two Honey Cowls, three Phoebe Sweaters, one Cardigan for Merry and one Ode to Veera Cowl. And second because I had not knitted much over the whole Christmas days. So when I came back home I was ready to start something new. Now I can happily join Ginny’s first Yarn Along of 2014.this-will-be-a-hat-one day Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 51 – and the official christmas knitting is done!

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along as usual, here is what I did this week:

I finished the last of the three Phoebe’s sweaters, bought buttons and now this is done. I’m a bit worried especially the biggest one will be far too big. But better too big than too small, don’t you think? They’ll grow into it. I won’t be there when they receive it so this’ll spare me the possible embarassment of unfitting gifts anyway 😉 I need to admit that as much as I love this pattern and the yarn, I’m super happy I finished the last one. and I’m not going knit another one any time soon. A friend of mine requested one for once she has children, no matter if it’ll be for a boy or a girl, but that gives me at least a 2-3 years break because she’s not even pregnant and the smallest pattern is for a two year old.Cowl_cardiganI finished my last planned christmas present, the thick cowl. I used three strands of a Continue reading

Katniss Cowl – After the start of the movie

Since the movie came out thinks have gone crazy on ravelry and here on the blog for my Katniss Cowl pattern. Literally everybody seems to look up the pattern. To be honest, I never ever expected this and I’m super proud and hope that after I fixed some really big mistake on the back side chart, even more people will be making this cowl.

I just want to give a kind of statement to some questions and things that came up so far and that I have read in forum posts. Many people seem to like the pattern but many seem to get it, me or my intentions wrong and I feel a bit like I have to explain myself.

  1. The cowl doesn’t look exactly like in the movie. It is not authentical. I haven’t even seen the movie yet. All I had in July to base my design on was this picture where you could see the cowl from the front. I had no idea about what it would look like from the back or that it had an armhole. So my design is my interpretation of that cowl and doesn’t aim in no way to be the exact copy.Katniss_Cowl_on_Katniss
  2. The roped collar doesn’t fall like the one in the movie. The drape is not right. My design includes the nearest way that I found to make something similar like in the movie. I know it doesn’t have the drape of the movie one which is sad because that was what I was aiming for but it was the next best thing I could think of and if your read the quest on designing this cowl, you know I tried a lot…Take-a-look
  3. People comment on the pattern on ravelry and don’t get an answer from me straight away. The pattern is for free because it was the first thing I ever truely designed. I have no professional background in designing things and therefor don’t claim that my design or even more my pattern is fault free. To be honest I never expected that that many people would be interested in it anyway. If you find a mistake, let me know. I’m happy to update the pattern. But I have a fulltime job and (I know, it sounds weird but it is true 😉 a life away from knitting. I love to help but it might take some days until I reply.

Hope you enjoy the pattern and I appreciate every link back to finished goods on ravelry.

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Yarn along – Week 47 – and done and done and done

Just a quick update for the Yarn along over at Ginny’s because we hosted a little early Christmas dinner for some friends yesterday and everything not related to that dinner was neglected a bit. Therefor the late post.reindeer-sweaterYou know what is the great thing about a soccer game that my boyfriend is watching at Continue reading

Katniss Cowl Tutorial

FINALLY it is ready for you to start knitting! After a long quest the Hunger Games cowl, now called Katniss Cowl is uploaded as a pdf download to ravelry because I realised it would be very very difficult to have it here nicely formated and everything and I guess you would like to print it easily too. Here you  used find a photo tutorial on how to do the roped collar. This post has moved to my new blog here.Katniss-Cowl

Continue reading