Inspired by a blog-Nails: an elegant dark blue

Last week I found a nice nail art blog and one design caught my eyes. But I did feel like a pink base colour so I decided to go for an elegant dark blue and just one signature nail and this is what came out of it.elegant-dark-maniI used essie polishes: 103 no more film as the dark blueish purple as Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 25 – Inspired by fashion

WHAT IS IT? I had everything planned. I wanted to do dark dusty rose and dark leather as autumn colours. I had looked up different designers and their fashion shows for autumn 2013 in London and New York. like Felder Felder, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren or Victoria Beckham. But then I placed an order and got two A England nail polishes that I’ll show you another day, a models own glitter topcoat and most exciting, neon nail art glitter and I can’t help and need to do something with neon for the fashion part.inspired-by-fashion-neon-glitter-mani-leftWHAT IS USED? I had a t-shirt in mind, I saw in a shop the other day: in a neutral beige with lots of little neon dots. So I used Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 16 – Tribal

WHAT IS IT? Tribal nails in brown and green or how I like to call them: Epic Fail! I did some swatches on paper to determine good colour combination and easy patterns. Some were no good as I wanted something that I could paint with my left hand as well. First I painted the nails on my left hand (photo on the right). Fail! I painted them a second time and when I still didn’t like it I tried a third design on my right hand. And it still sucks…Tribal-nail-art-failWHAT IS USED? The colour combination is not bad.
Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 28 – The Hunger Games Cowl and some lace socks

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along, here is what I knitted and read this week: After stumbling about the question on how to possible knit the cowl Katniss wears on one of the posters for the new Hunger Games movie I thought I just might come up with a pattern. Hunger-Games-Cowl-and-The-Culture-of-Knitting Continue reading