Yarn along – Week 28 – The Hunger Games Cowl and some lace socks

Joining Ginny for the Yarn Along, here is what I knitted and read this week: After stumbling about the question on how to possible knit the cowl Katniss wears on one of the posters for the new Hunger Games movie I thought I just might come up with a pattern. Hunger-Games-Cowl-and-The-Culture-of-KnittingSo last week I swatched, knitted gauge, checked patterns until I found something I liked. Then I went for the shape and knitted as much as you can see here. Now I just need to do the neck part, check for gauge again, write down the pattern and then I’ll be looking for test knitters while I also reknit it. So if you like to be one, come back maybe on Sunday then I should be finished and looking for test knitters. I also finished the first lace socklet and am ready to turn the heel on the second one.Socks-n-ToenailsI finished reading “The Distant Hours” this weekend. Turns out the book was quite exciting in the end! Now I’m reading something completely else. When I wrote “In favour of knitting”, Maureen from Neoteric Wool recommended reading “The culture of knitting“,a sociological approach on what knitting is, represents and why many people look down on it while others love it. It is really good. I enjoy reading a more scientific book every now and then. It makes me feel like back in university 😉Elegant-nailpolishAnd last but not least my nails: I think this look is quite classy although it is quiet hard to capture it well. What looks like “oh it could be silver” here is an absolutely flashy and bright silver metallic polish from essie’s Limited Edition Mirror Metallics last year in 213A No place like chrome. The surprisingly fitting kind of cafe latte beige is essie 79 sand tropez. On my toenails I couldn’t decide and went for a mix of colours. From left to right on the picture you can see: essie, 99 mint apple candy, Maybelline, Colorshow 120 urban turquoise, Limited edition pool side party by p2 in 020 turquoise sky, essie, 213A No place like chrome (the picture with my toes captures the silver better even though it is a bit blurred) and, essie 98 turquoise & caicos. I like the small flashy interuptive silver mixed with all those turquoises. It make me think of the summer, the sea or maybe a pool…


26 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 28 – The Hunger Games Cowl and some lace socks

  1. I’ve been looking for a copy of The Culture of Knitting – it’s really expensive on Amazon. Any ideas where I could buy a copy? I’m in the UK.
    What do you think of it?

  2. I’ve never tested knitted anything and have other things going so can’t now but the design looks interesting. I plan on doing my nails similar just different colors. Saw a how to video on YouTube. Hope everything works out with your pattern.

  3. Interesting list of reads! I looked at The Culture of Knitting on Amazon…kinda pricey, but will check the library. You’re inspiring me to really give my designing a kick start! Good for you and I will check in Sunday!

    • Thank you! I’ll try and finish the cowl on the weekend and write down the pattern (but it might include a bit of crocheting at the end…) And don’t worry, you are most definitively welcome to be a test knitter as you were the reason I saw the picture at all. Otherwise I would have never come up with the idea!

  4. I posted about this cowl idea last week? Oh I don’t know when, but if you still need test knitter’s I would ♥LOVE♥ to do this. My niece is a huge Katniss fan – which is why I’ve been trying to figure this thing out. Lemme know!!

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