All my nailpolishes 2014: turquoise is the colour

A small look back to last week. I was in the mood for turquoise and mint. First I painted my nails in the all time favourite mint apple candy from essie. Then I tried to upcycle the mani some days later by adding a zebra look to the tips. Generally a good idea but it probably needs some more practice plus the black Colorshow nailpolish doesn’t seem to be a good polish for stamping. And then I made a turquoise abstrakt collection of nails with my p2 pool side party nail polish in 020 turquoise sky, essie’s naughty nautical and urban turquoise by Maybelline. Enough colour for now. I think then next collection of colours will be neutrals.

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 29 – Inspired by a flag

WHAT IS IT? Well I’m not inspired by just one flag, but I thought I show you where I come from and did a Hello Europe mani working with all the flags that are not too difficult and easy to recreate. So I chose: of course the flag of the EU, then Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Irland, Spain, Finland and Portugal.inspired-by-a-flag-maniWHAT IS USED? All are painted free hand and the colours are: Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 13 – Animal print

WHAT IS IT? When I think of animal print leopard or zebra come into my mind. Now these are two patterns that won’t come onto my nails. So I thought and thought and when I bought the orange nail polish I knew what I wanted to do: Finding Nemo nails: clownfish print!Animal-print-finding-nemo-maniWHAT IS USED? Orange Manhattan nailpolish (33S) and then I struggled. Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 9 – Rainbow

WHAT IS IT? Rainbow nails in all shades of the rainbow but not in its order. I started painting my nails back when I was about 14 and loved it. Normal cosmetic brands back then only just started to have other colours than red and pink and maybe creamy beige. It took me a while back then to get all bright colours of the rainbow. I think is a great way to do toe nails in summer and great to show of the amount of colours you have.rainbow-pediWHAT IS USED? I used a bit of everything, going from left to right: Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 7 – Black and White

WHAT IS IT? I do confess I bought these two nail polishes just for this Challenge as I haven’t had neither a black nor a white one for quite some time (of course that doesn’t mean I not once owned one, I think I’ve had about every main colour once although not in every specific shade). Now it was really really hard to decide with black and white I should do. I fell in love with this lightning bolt tutorial but then I found the black and white polka dot version. And if that wouldn’t have been enough I also found these little moustaches. So what did I do, I painted one hand with dots the other with lightning bolts and I realised in my test I have problems drawing moustaches with my left hand and general problems with working with my nail art pen on already painted nails and so decided against doing them.Black-n-white-maniWHAT IS USED? I bought a cheap yet good black polish: Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 26 – Is it autumn already

After a summer last week this week we are back at 15-20°C and rain… How wonderful.. but it means I have more reason to stay inside and knit more. So I join Ginny’s Yarn Along as usual. I think I will not check the other ones entries today, something I usually love to do on Wednesday, but maybe tomorrow or on friday because honestly, if I see one more blog except from mine, I might explode. For a project at work I checked about 450 German blogs on product testing and beauty today.Lace-abalone-on-me Continue reading

Are you a bit nailpoilsh crazy?

Sometimes people ask me how many nailpolishes I have. Considering the fact that I buy a new colour at least once a month this is a good question. The thing is that I also give nailpolishes away as a present or swap them for other colours on Kleiderkreisel. But to answer the question as of now, here are my current nailpolishes that I keep on the wall behind my desk:a healthy 50 odd nailpolishes…My nail polishes Continue reading