31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 12 – Stripes

WHAT IS IT? Striped nails in two different light blues with thin white lines seperating them.Blue-striped-mani-1WHAT IS USED? Bikini to teeny from essie’s last year’s summer collection was the base. Then I cut tape in about Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 9 – Rainbow

WHAT IS IT? Rainbow nails in all shades of the rainbow but not in its order. I started painting my nails back when I was about 14 and loved it. Normal cosmetic brands back then only just started to have other colours than red and pink and maybe creamy beige. It took me a while back then to get all bright colours of the rainbow. I think is a great way to do toe nails in summer and great to show of the amount of colours you have.rainbow-pediWHAT IS USED? I used a bit of everything, going from left to right: Continue reading