Yarn along – Week 26 – Is it autumn already

After a summer last week this week we are back at 15-20°C and rain… How wonderful.. but it means I have more reason to stay inside and knit more. So I join Ginny’s Yarn Along as usual. I think I will not check the other ones entries today, something I usually love to do on Wednesday, but maybe tomorrow or on friday because honestly, if I see one more blog except from mine, I might explode. For a project at work I checked about 450 German blogs on product testing and beauty today.Lace-abalone-on-meLet’s rather come to my knitting this week: On thursday, after wearing it for the first time in months the flaws of my lace cardigan were simple to much to be ignored and posting about it made me do something. I frogged the cardi that same evening and realised that straightening it over steaming water seems to be the best and quickest way of straightening out yarn again. So on Friday morning before work I knitted a test piece for the gauge to calculate the amount of stitches. On Friday night I knitted like nearly half of the body. Saturday morning saw me knitting the second part so that on Saturday afternoon I could already start with the sleeves. Finishing both sleeves and sewing the few things together that needed sewing or rather weaving as I used the Kitchner stitch took most of Sunday and I needed all of Sunday evening to knit the edging especially with the icord bind off. But than it was done! And what a lovely cardigan it is! And I got to try out the Kitchner Stitch (what a revelation, I wil definitively use it more often!) and the icord bind of (I think I tried that one before but it didn’t look good there but for the cardi it is perfect but oh so time consuming). You can see what exactly I did to make a lace abalone in my ravelry notes. I will try to do that for all things I knit now because I usually write down what I do on a piece of paper while knitting and than some weeks later when I want to check something again either I have lost the paper or I can’t make sense out of what I wrote down. But with writing it on ravelry everyone can get something out of my notes if they want to and far more important, I have a place to store my notes in a legible way.Beginnings-of-a-tree-of-light-shawlWhen I waited for my yarn to straighten I started knitting a lace shawl with my beautiful DROPS Lace yarn. I had tryed to do a Filigrano some months ago but failed in about row 47 where I really couldn’t get my stitches straight anymore. I tried again. It was already a disaster in row 13 (somehow my stitch count didn’t match the chart at all and either for the yarn or my knitting, I couldn’t even frog it completely anymore. I had to cut off the last pices which was just a big knot). Then I looked at the Echo Flower Shawl, a pattern that some of you recommended when I put lace knitting on my list for the next 12 month during Knitting & Crochet Blog Week this year. But hey, that is a very difficult looking pattern! But lucky enough I had another pattern printed out already: the Tree of Light Shawl. And wow, like a miracle this pattern works so well for me. Lace knitting can be feasable! But it needs so much concentration. With most other knitting I can basically do what ever while knitting (ok, what doesn’t involve my hands) but this pattern is demanding. I don’t think I will knit a lot of lace shawls in my life… But I want to knit at least one with lace weight yarn. And as I had the yarn anyway this seems to be the perfect solution.

This said I didn’t knit much on the Christmas Sweater nor on the Popsicle dress. They do grow but slowly. As does my Star Stitch Blanket. Same goes for myy reading. Nothing new here.

Nails-with-nailstickersAs for my nails, they are not done yet. I think I’ll do an extra post on that tomorrow  when they might be done. But I show you what they looked like before I thought that I definitively needed bright purple nails to match our company colour to support my team during the Football Agency Cup this weekend here in Dusseldorf (more on that on sunday, I suppose). If you wonder what that is on my nails: these are nailstickers. Colorshow Nailsticker by Maybelline to be precise. But to be honest, they are a bit unconfortable. They are not even which makes wearing them a bit weird. And they are not as durable. Well I think I could have left 9 out of 10 on for another day or two, but not longer.

2 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 26 – Is it autumn already

  1. I love kitchener stitch. I do toe-up socks, so I don’t use it all that much, but I think it’s a great piece of knitting magic.

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