Christmas ornament mani

I wanted to do something christmassy on my nails this year. I had stumbled over a similar design a while back and thought it was so nice. So I checked my nailpolishes, pulled out my thin brush and started I painted my nails with two layers of essie in the colour limo-scene. Next I turned Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 22 – Inspired by a song

WHAT IS IT? This is my summer song manicure. It is my holiday manicure. It is all about summer and heat. So what is the song: I was think about “36 Grad” a great summer song by 2Raumwohnung. It says:

“36 Grad und es wird noch heißer,

mach den Beat nie wieder leiser.

36 Grad kein Ventilator,

das Leben kommt mir garnicht hart vor.”

this translate into (and it sounds better in German as then the words rhyme):

“36 degrees and it’s getting hotter.

Don’t you ever turn the music down.

36 degrees and no fan.

Life doesn’t seem hard at all”

And this is exactly what I need for my holidays even though you’ll get to see it on the day I come back.inspired-by-a-songWHAT IS USED? I did Ruffian naills with essie’s sunday funday from this year’s summer collection, accentuated with more essie nail polishes: Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 16 – Tribal

WHAT IS IT? Tribal nails in brown and green or how I like to call them: Epic Fail! I did some swatches on paper to determine good colour combination and easy patterns. Some were no good as I wanted something that I could paint with my left hand as well. First I painted the nails on my left hand (photo on the right). Fail! I painted them a second time and when I still didn’t like it I tried a third design on my right hand. And it still sucks…Tribal-nail-art-failWHAT IS USED? The colour combination is not bad.
Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 9 – Rainbow

WHAT IS IT? Rainbow nails in all shades of the rainbow but not in its order. I started painting my nails back when I was about 14 and loved it. Normal cosmetic brands back then only just started to have other colours than red and pink and maybe creamy beige. It took me a while back then to get all bright colours of the rainbow. I think is a great way to do toe nails in summer and great to show of the amount of colours you have.rainbow-pediWHAT IS USED? I used a bit of everything, going from left to right: Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 4 – Green

WHAT IS IT? It is an explosion  tape mani accentuating only the ring finger because first of all I think this nail polish can stand on its own. It is actually my favourite green at the moment. And then, I really have to admit, I was just to lazy to do this on all of my nails! green-explosion-maniWHAT IS USED: I started with Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 30 – all those projects

As promised last week I started to take up all those hibernating projects this week. First of all I started crocheting on my big blanket. I’m getting closer to do the edge now but it is so warm here that I can’t stand this big warm blanket in my lap for too long so it is still some way to go to finish I took some time to finally work some rows on my brother’s christmas jumper again. I’m already more than half way through Rudolph’s nose! Yet I’m still not in love with the colourwork which makes it hard for me to pick it up. But the back is already half way, I think. The problem I’m facing is that Continue reading