31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 13 – Animal print

WHAT IS IT? When I think of animal print leopard or zebra come into my mind. Now these are two patterns that won’t come onto my nails. So I thought and thought and when I bought the orange nail polish I knew what I wanted to do: Finding Nemo nails: clownfish print!Animal-print-finding-nemo-maniWHAT IS USED? Orange Manhattan nailpolish (33S) and then I struggled. First I painted a white stripe and tried to line it with either my French nail pen in black then dipping a pen into black nail polish. Both times the lines came out all crumbly. Then I tried it the other way round. I painted a big black stripe and then filled it with white, leaving only a small Products_orange-nemo-maniblack line. This looked far more neat and on both hands. To finish and smoothen it I put my top coat on and learned another lesson: if you don’t apply the top coat in one or two quick strokes, it starts disolving the colour polish and the stripes smear into each other. Not so nice. But as I will take the mani off tomorrow anyway, I didn’t bother to correct this mistake.Problems-with-the-Nemo-ManiHOW DOES IT FEEL? It was the best animal print I could think of yet it looks very much like kids party. There would have to be a special occasion for me to do this one again.

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