A sunday in Aachen

I still can hardly believe it but we did a day trip yesterday. When ever we are on holiday we say, we must do something in the area back home too but then Michael works weekends and if he doesn’t he is trying to relax and sleeps a lot. But this weekend we really went out and did something. I had picked up a couple of brochures in the museum in Ratingen and in one they featured an exhibition in Aachen with photos from Germany from the end of the war until the reunification, called “Aufbrüche – Bilder aus Deutschland” at the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum. This sounded interesting and with Aachen being merely 80km away we decided to go there.Behind-the-LuisenbrunnenThe weather had been rather autumny all weekend long and when it wasn’t raining when we arrived in Aachen we decided to go for a walk first and then Continue reading

To the North of Mallorca

Yesterday we did our second trip. When it was nap time for the kids we took our rental car and went North. Our destination was Artá but we didn’t want to go there fast so we went along a street close to the coast. Unfortunately there is no road on the coast going along the waterside so you are about 5km inland and have where ever there is a town or beach a street goes down there.wpid-IMAG2501.jpg

First we stopped at Porto Christo at the dragon cave. But as they wanted 14€ per person and there were bus loads of people queuing we quickly decided against going in. It is probably nice there if you are into touristy stuff with lots of people around that is. Continue reading

Palma de Mallorca – a sandstone jewel amidst tourists

It took a day longer than expected to write this post as we are here with three kids that demand our attention but here it is: When you holiday on Mallorca you usually do a trip to Palma and so did we. Driving there by car I could convince Michael from leaving his favourite hobby for once which is finding a free parking spot in the middle of a crowded city.wpid-IMAG2494.jpg

In Mallorca there are three different markers for parking space on the street: yellow means “in no way allowed”, blue means limited to a certain amount of time and costs money, check for a ticket machine” and no marking means “free” and is more than rare especially in Palma. So we parked at
Continue reading

Dusseldorf’s Night of the Museums 2013

I’ve been living in Dusseldorf since 2008 but never made it to the Dusseldorf’s Night of the Museums. I didn’t even go to many museums here at all. So yesterday I decided to finally join the fun. I wanted to see as much as possible. We went with a group and had laid out a big plan on what to see in which order but obviously we did get so see everything and got seperated along the way too. It was still good fun and I’m now motivated to go and see more museums in Dusseldorf in the future.

K21-Duesseldorf-Staendehaus Continue reading

Going for a walk in Darmstadt

As usual for a holiday I was at my parents house for Easter. And for the first time that I have this blog we went shopping on a Saturday AND the weather was not too nasty AND I had the time to go for a little walk so I finally can show you some, when not very spring like then at least not too bad pictures of my hometown.

Darmstadt-HochzeitsturmIf you would ask me if Darmstadt is a nice city without thinking I would rather say no. But actually it is. There are quite a few beautiful spots and I guess it must have been outragiously beautiful before the 11th of September  1944, when an air raid caused a fire storm that destroyed three quarters of Darmstadt. What was destroyed was rebuild in the ugliest forms of post war architecture you can imagine, which, at first sight, can make Darmstadt really ugly. But of course I’m only showing you the nice parts. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Ephesus, Turkey, 2009

On our “just girls holiday” in 2009, Tine, Eva and me went to a resort in Turkey near Izmir. While the stay itself was not too exciting (but very relaxing) one of our day trips was: Ephesus TurkeyWe went to the old Greek, later Roman town of Ephesus, Efes in Turkish.

It was actually quite expensive to go on a organised trip. Therefor we asked for a bus there and there was a minibus stopping straight in front of the hotel so we took the bus to get to Efes. This was very cheap and it turned out to be very easy too. The Bus driver was really nice and even though he hardly spoke any english at all he got were we wanted to go, showed us the way to Ephesus and bus stop back so we managed to catch a bus back as well. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Warsaw, Poland, 2006

I visited Warsaw for the first time as part of a school exchange to Poland in 2000. Our exchange school was in Darmstadt’s partner city Płock and we did a day trip to Warsaw.Warsaw - Old Town Market Square - Rynek Starego Miasta I remember that, appart from the fun that we had all the time in Poland, I liked Warsaw for having a beautifully restored old town with the Old Town Market Square (Rynek Starego Miasta) with its colourful houses. Back then we also visited Warsaw Uprising Monument (Pomnik Powstania Warszawskiego) as a reminder of war terror. Continue reading