Yarn along – Week 20 – New projects en masse

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along again I can say I move on from last week. Not only did I finish my Broken Seed Stitch Socks in a sock knitting marathon, mostly while visiting my grandparent last weekend, but I already started sneaker socks for Michael (for some reason he wants knitted socks for the summer…) and am nearly through with the first one.

Yarn-along-20I also took a decision on what to make next. I started with the biggest project, the dress. I decided to knit the upper parts of the dress seperately and only join them under the arms. But I try to knit about the same amount on each part so that I’m down to the same length each day. And so far I really love the combination of acid green and grey. Continue reading

Yarn along- Week 18 – Man, I was busy

My blog post have been centered on knitting and crafting for a while now. Well sure this was because I joined Knitting & Crochet Blog Week last week. And today is Yarn along Wednesday that I definitively join, but after that I try to balance it a bit again with travelling which should be feasable as I’ll be travelling a bit in May and June. But for this week I just want to show you, how busy I was and how much I got done last week and today (don’t you love lazy public holidays?).

My-knitting Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 04 – Nothing new much

Joining Ginny for this weeks Yarn along again: As you can see the number of hexipuffs is growing ever since Week 2, the carpet is now twice the size it was last week even though it doesn’t really show and the cardigan has grown too but not as much as I hoped. I’m still knitting the back part. So not much new.Yarn along week 4 Continue reading

Tutorial: Ankle high knit-felted slippers

Some months ago I wrote this pattern for a blog swap with Nathalie at Marigold’s Loft:

To make this pair of ankle high knit-felted slippers you need:

Ankle-High Knit-felted Slippers

  • about 250g of felting wool, more if you want to do felted slippers bigger than size 41 (UK: 7/US: 7.5), a little less for slippers smaller than size 36 (UK: 3.5/US: 6.5)
  • a set of five double pointed needles, matching your yarn. I used size 8 needles (UK: 0/US: 11)
  • a washing machine and dryer balls to increase the felting
  • about 6-8 hours of effective working time plus washing and drying time Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 52 – Finally knitting something for me again

Even without a real Yarn Along today, first of all I wanted to show you the finished christmas projects: There is the summer top for my mum that she already wore all Christmas Eve, the felted slippers for mSweater Beanie and felted slippersy grandma (that unfortunately need to be streched a bit more so she can put them on) and the absolutely last minute cabled beanie for my brother, who as I knew, was checking my blog and therefore (and because it was only finished on the train back home) his present was never mentioned here before.

And there is the big project. The warm winter cardigan with Aran pattern. Unfortunately, even though I made it far smaller than they said in the pattern and back checked with Michael’s other sweaters, it is very very big. I’ll habe to rip it and start again, making it far smaller. But not before next year… Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 47 – Back at the needles

Having returned from our two weeks holiday in Egypt last Thursday I quickly started with new knitting projects so I can happily join Ginnys Yarn along again today.

Lace knitting and my booksI had bought two knitting pattern magazines before we went on holiday and brought back all my mum’s old yarn so I was trying to figure out how to make that beautiful jumper I found in one of the magazines with wool I have. I think I might now have found enough wool to get going but first of all I wanted to start with a christmas present. Can’t show you much at the moment as I need to wait until people from my family won’t check my blog for some last posts on our holiday anymore so I will show you in some weeks.I can only say that much: it will be absolute beautiful 😉 Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 41 – Can knitting be an obsession?

Yarn along Week 41Yes, of course, I enjoy travelling in my free time. I wouldn’t have this blog if I wouldn’t. If I’m not travelling I do numerous things. But I think I might be addicted to knitting.

When I went to Vienna on the weekend, I packed my yarn and needles to have something to do on the flight. And when we went to London last fall, I took my big needles with me too for doing knit-felted slippers. Both times I even had to open my hand luggage because I was carrying needles and they were a bit confused on what they saw on their screen when monitoring my luggage.

Even when I went to the Netherlands on my bike tour I took some needles and some yarn to keep me occupied during the train travel. I sat in the train with luggage and bike and was knitting.

Knitting is meditation. It is keep hands and mind occupied. It is really producing something. And I even sell some of my stuff at Dawanda.

Today I’m again joining Ginny’s Yarn along. This week I started with another pair of knee high socks which get a braided pattern on the sides, worked a bit more on Michael’s sweater vest, finished another pair of knit-felted ankle high slippers and started reading “Love in Exile. An Amercian Writer’s Memoir of Life in Divided Berlin”.

If you want to know how to do the slippers you’ll find a tutorial as a guest post at Marigold’s Loft and there is even a give away! And please don’t forget to check out her guest post here at my blog too!