Football Agency Cup in Dusseldorf

FAC 2013 is officially over and it was fun! We made 3rd place in the tournament, the weather was pretty good and the parties were great but let’s go through it from beginning to the end:FAC-2013-Team-MRM-Worldwide Continue reading

Preparation for the weekend

This weekend is FAC, the Football Agency Cup. And like last year my agency is joining the fun and so do I. Yesterday we got our package with a shirt, and some accessories. Nothing wrong about some accessories but the t-shirt, well, just take a look:

The-fac-package Continue reading

Review: Cafe des Halles and Club des Halles, Brussels, Belgium

Outside Cafe des Halles BrusselsI was in Brussels over New Year’s to meet some friends. One afternoon we went exploring the city a bit and as it was quite cold outside we ended up in a place that I actually had been before and really liked: the Cafe des Halles. It is a cafe bar situated in an old market hall at Place Saint-Géry in an area with lots of bars and restaurants and very close to the  metro station “Bourse”, the stock exchange of Brussels. Continue reading

Going out in Darmstadt

Yes, I don’t live in Darmstadt since 2002 so I had to ask my younger brother were to go when I wanted to go out tonight with some friends who live elsewhere since then too. He said “Zweite Heimat”.


So now I’m waiting for the girls at the bus stop nearby, hoping I can trust my brother’s taste. But well he turns 25 this year and his taste is usually quit good so I hope it’ll be a fun night. Bus approaching… Good night.