To Istanbul – a walk at night

After a super relaxing week near Antalya on the beach we now made our way to Istanbul. Our flight left at noon and as we were at the airport within 20 minutes it was stressfree. We flew again with Turkish Airlines (which is an excellent airline but more about that once we had our last flight next week) and landed in Sabiha Gökçen, on the Asian side and far from the center. If you are short on time, it is probably better to look for a flight to Atatürk airport on the European side of Istanbul. When we booked those flights they were already quite pricey so we took the cheaper one.Istanbul-Blue-Mosque-at-nightThe Lonely Planet guidebook I bought said best to take a taxi to Sultanahmet Continue reading

Sightseeing in Mainz – or a quick stop over

I was invited to a birthday party in Mainz this weekend. I went with two friends and we went to Darmstadt first on Friday and Saturday to Mainz for the party. Mainz is not very far from my hometown Darmstadt yet other than as a teenager showing around school exchange partners 15 years ago I have never been there. And because of this I decided to go to Mainz a little early on Saturday to do a little sightseeing.Mainz-towards-the-Rhine First we went for a little stroll along the Rhine. Actually if you know the Rhine terrasses in Düsseldorf then the promenade in Mainz is a little boring. Mainz is about the same size as Aachen where we went last weekend. And it is about as old with a similar history. But it Continue reading

A sunday in Aachen

I still can hardly believe it but we did a day trip yesterday. When ever we are on holiday we say, we must do something in the area back home too but then Michael works weekends and if he doesn’t he is trying to relax and sleeps a lot. But this weekend we really went out and did something. I had picked up a couple of brochures in the museum in Ratingen and in one they featured an exhibition in Aachen with photos from Germany from the end of the war until the reunification, called “Aufbrüche – Bilder aus Deutschland” at the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum. This sounded interesting and with Aachen being merely 80km away we decided to go there.Behind-the-LuisenbrunnenThe weather had been rather autumny all weekend long and when it wasn’t raining when we arrived in Aachen we decided to go for a walk first and then Continue reading

Darmstadt’s parks

I promised you in my first post about Darmstadt that I would write another post on Darmstadt’s parks in summer. And as I was back home for my mum’s birthday this weekend, I took the chance to enjoy Saturday’s most beautiful weather, grapped my dad’s bike and went for a little tour around Darmstadt’s parks. It was just so lovely and it brought back many memories, to be sure.

Rosenhoehe-ponts-Darmstadt Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Hamburg, 2011

I’ve been in Hamburg several times but not as often as you might think with several friends and my brother living there. But before I go there again in early June to celebrate Eva’s birthday I would like to give you a short overview of what there is to see in Hamburg.

Hamburg-an-der-AlsterStart with the City Center or rather the shopping district that streches from the main station down to one of Hamburgs many places with water, the Alster. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Day trips and outings from Geneva

When visiting my Dad in Geneva we did some outings on the weekends so I got to see a bit of the nearby France and Switzerland. So if you’ve visited Geneva’s city center and took a stroll along the lake and are now looking for something else to do, here are options for your trip. To give you a feeling of what you can do I tried to sort the different options by season: Continue reading