Parks in Düsseldorf – Nordpark

On Saturday I went to the park with a friend and her little son where we lay in the shade on my huge picknick blanket (finally it gets used a bit more often). As I’m still trying to see more parks in Düsseldorf, we opted for the Nordpark where I had only been once before. Nordpark-pont Continue reading


Where I’ve been: Kings Park and Botanic Garden Perth, 2007

In my autumn break in university in Australia I went to Perth. We spend a few days there over Easter and it was, to be honest, a bit boring as the city seemed totally deserted but one thing that stayed on my mind and that my trip to the Volksgarten reminded me of was our trip to the Kings Park.Perth-Red-benchKings Park and Botanic Garden is a remarkable area of unique bushland, tranquil parkland and botanic garden with a total area of 400.6 hectares. The cool thing about is that Continue reading

Parks in Düsseldorf – Volksgarten

After having written an article about Darmstadt’s parks I realised I had not even been to most of the parks in Düsseldorf. So I made a list, well a month ago, where I wanted to go. Then I was either busy or it rained or like Saturday I fell asleep on the sofa instead of getting to know new parks. But on Sunday I finally did it.Suedpark-rose-gardenAfter dropping Michael off at work I went to the park know as the “Volksgarten” the “people’s garden”.Later that day I learned the only about a third of the actual park is called “Volksgarten” and the whole area is refered to as “Südpark”, the “South park”. Continue reading

Darmstadt’s parks

I promised you in my first post about Darmstadt that I would write another post on Darmstadt’s parks in summer. And as I was back home for my mum’s birthday this weekend, I took the chance to enjoy Saturday’s most beautiful weather, grapped my dad’s bike and went for a little tour around Darmstadt’s parks. It was just so lovely and it brought back many memories, to be sure.

Rosenhoehe-ponts-Darmstadt Continue reading

Going for a walk in Darmstadt

As usual for a holiday I was at my parents house for Easter. And for the first time that I have this blog we went shopping on a Saturday AND the weather was not too nasty AND I had the time to go for a little walk so I finally can show you some, when not very spring like then at least not too bad pictures of my hometown.

Darmstadt-HochzeitsturmIf you would ask me if Darmstadt is a nice city without thinking I would rather say no. But actually it is. There are quite a few beautiful spots and I guess it must have been outragiously beautiful before the 11th of September  1944, when an air raid caused a fire storm that destroyed three quarters of Darmstadt. What was destroyed was rebuild in the ugliest forms of post war architecture you can imagine, which, at first sight, can make Darmstadt really ugly. But of course I’m only showing you the nice parts. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Geneva’s waterfront, 2008-2011

My dad worked and lived in Geneva from early 2008 till early 2012. This meant I visited him there about twice a year and had quite a bit of time to explore city and the region around the Lake Geneva. This is why I decided to do several posts on the city that has so much to offer. Here is the one on the lakeside, especially the right shore because I spend far more time here than on the left side.Geneva-the-Jet-D-eauThe city is known to be the city of the United Nations, a city of peace. It has two main highlights: its amazing buildings and even more the location on the Lake Geneva. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Warsaw, Poland, 2006

I visited Warsaw for the first time as part of a school exchange to Poland in 2000. Our exchange school was in Darmstadt’s partner city Płock and we did a day trip to Warsaw.Warsaw - Old Town Market Square - Rynek Starego Miasta I remember that, appart from the fun that we had all the time in Poland, I liked Warsaw for having a beautifully restored old town with the Old Town Market Square (Rynek Starego Miasta) with its colourful houses. Back then we also visited Warsaw Uprising Monument (Pomnik Powstania Warszawskiego) as a reminder of war terror. Continue reading