Summer in the city – beautiful parks in Brussels

On Sunday we decided it was time for a picnic in the park. We stocked up on cookies, Woluweparkbread and some nice titbits, packed the picnic rag and headed for Tervuren, a place just outside of Brussels, or so we thought.

The GPS said 13km so we started thinking we would be there 20 minutes later. Unfortunately we didn’t know it was The Brussels 20 kilometers race that day and we found our way blocked. But that couldn’t stop us. We would simply drive around…

But no we didn’t. We ventured further east but in the end we always ended up at a blocked road. Picnic in the parcBut we also ended up at another park, Parc de Woluwe/Woluwepark. Beautifully tugged away between rolling hills, there was a little lake and we decided to stay here for a while hoping they would open the roads again soon.

After a snack and some sunbathing, we tried it again. And we finally got there. The park belongs to a building which houses the Africa Museum (aParc at the Colonial Museum, Tervuren bit of a weird thing as it was especially build to show of colonial acquisitions) and it all spoke of old glory but was now a bit run down. But the lawns next to some canals made a perfect picnic and sunbathing ground. And the park has a really nice wood and some more canals and lakes enclosed. But we didn’t have that much time to explore it.

After that perfect sunday, I started my drive home while Tine took the tram home.

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