Yarn along – Week 05 – Not much knitting

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along with just a short update today.

Yarn along 5 Even though (or maybe because) I’m up to date with my hexipuffs and the carpe, the slippers from last week are done and I’m happy ripping away Michael’s cardigan, my cardigan is not coming along much. But this is also because I was sewing a lot in the last week because next week is Carnival. I usually make my costume myself but this year I have spend an extra amount of money and time in it because it will be my birthday present for myself. I’m going to show you just a peak of it now and the full costume when it is ready next Wednesday. And I already finished “Engelsblut” that I was reading last week. I started with the forth book of teh A song of ice and fire series “A feast for rows” but I didn’t get far yet. after two nights I’m still only at page 12…

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