Yarn along – Week 02 – little crotched owls, hexipuffs and other stuff

Joining this week’s Yarn Along over at Ginny’s with a finished and a new project and one in progress. The big Cardigancardigan has come along quit well compared to last week when I had just ripped what I had already knitted. I use English rip as pattern which makes it extra think and fluffy but also uses lots of yarn. Good that I have 24 skeins of wool. My reading hasn’t been coming along much further. But well, it is suppossed to be cold again so I guess I will have a bit of time to finish my cardigan and read some more.

Checking Ginny’s Yarn Along some weeks ago I ended up on YarnKnitReadLit. The blog linked to Crocheted oven glovethe pattern for those cute little owls at Repeat crafter me and I thought, why not try that too. I have a drawer full of left over yarn bits and the owls could make cute little give aways. But now that I finished crocheting my oven glove I can really not be bothered to crochet any more (except for some matching oven cloths but that’s it). So maybe some of you like crocheting better than I do and have fun using this pattern.

Then I found another good way  to use up my stash, my mum’s stash, my grandma’s stash…well, to easily use lots of left overs over at Knitty Hexipuff Circlesmama’s some weeks ago. It is called the beekeeper’s quilt and consists of many small hexagones and this week I started making something alike. Not really thinking about many sides a hexagon should have (yes, it is six), I made octagons, but looking at them they look more like the hexagones they are suppossed to be and some even look more like circles. I decided to make one for each day of the year and so far I’m up to date which is not very difficult at the 9th of January. And actually they are quite addictive. I think I might make some extra ones on the weekend…

12 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 02 – little crotched owls, hexipuffs and other stuff

  1. i have a friend who was making a whole mess of hexipuffs and didn’t know what to do with them… now i see there is this quilt that can be made with all of them. i should send her a link. 🙂
    the mittens look great!

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